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Japanese Death Pop - Comment video from Death Rabbits!
Posted 3 years ago in news
We received a comment video from Death Rabbits! Check out what they have to say about their new album and go check out their music video for "Usagi Stream 2" on their YouTube Channel! [youtube]RogoA

Tags  Death Rabbits, Video, comment

[Alexandros] releases live video with members' explanation
Posted 3 years ago in news
[Alexandros] has released a live video from their show held at Makuhari Messe as part of their "[Alexandros]TOUR 2015"ご馳走にありつかせて頂きます" / [Alexandros] TOUR 2015 "Gochisou ni Aritsukaseteitadakimasu" on

Tags  Video, [Alexandros]

A9 Released Two More Videos on YouTube
Posted 4 years ago in news
Previously A9 released an MV of their comeback single "PHOENIX" and now they just released another two videos on their official YouTube channel. These videos are the other version of "PHOENIX" and a m

Tags  A9, release, Video

Perfume releases movie with their whole history
Posted 4 years ago in news
Perfume, who have been announcing various projects in celebration of their 15th anniversary, has released a video on YouTube that goes through their footsteps starting from 2005 all the way up to 2015

Tags  Perfume, Video

MY FIRST STORY releases a trailer for new DVD
Posted 4 years ago in news
MY FIRST STORY will be releasing a new DVD on May 27th titled "ITSUWARI NEUROSE TOUR FINAL at SHINKIBA STUDIO COAST". The release will include 2 discs, of which the first one includes the complete liv

Tags  release, Video, MY FIRST STORY

BABYMETAL releases a trailer for London DVD
Posted 4 years ago in news
BABYMETAL will be releasing a Blu-ray/DVD on May 20th titled "LIVE IN LONDON -BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2014-". The Blu-ray/DVD includes material from the both London concerts during their "BABYMETAL WORLD

Tags  BABYMETAL, release, Video

URBANGARDE releases video message for A-Kon
Posted 4 years ago in news
Japanese trauma techno-pop group URBANGARDE has released a welcome message for fans preparing for the band's USA debut at A-Kon(R) 26 in Dallas, TX, including an Akihabara-based Japanese lesson and a

Tags  Video, Urbangarde

NoGoD releases new PV "walk"
Posted 4 years ago in news
NoGoD releases new PV "walk" NoGoD released new PV for their song "walk" on YouTube. The music video is included to their 10th anniversary best-of album "VOYAGE ~10TH ANNIVERSARY BEST ALBUM" which w

Tags  NoGoD, release, Video

DIR EN GREY to release latest music clip collection in April
Posted 4 years ago in news
Today DIR EN GREY announced on their OHP that the band will be releasing a new music clip collection in April of this year. It will be titled "Average Sorrow" and will be released as DVD and Blu-Ray.

Tags  DIR EN GREY, release, Video

DIR EN GREY release further details and clips for their new single "sustain the untruth"
Posted 5 years ago in news
Fans can hardly bear to wait any longer - only a few days until DIR EN GREY will release their newest single titled "sustain the untruth". As fans are already excited the newest releases make them go

Tags  DIR EN GREY, release, Video

Sheena Ringo revealed PV "Netsuai Hakkaku Chyuu"
Posted 6 years ago in news
Sheena Ringo has revealed her action PV "Netsuai Hakkaku Chyuu"! This PV's story is amazing and a must have seen for all fans of the j-pop vocalist! [youtube]o16rgGTZq9s[/youtube] The song was rec

Tags  Sheena Ringo, release, Video

GOTCHAROCKA release short PV Preview
Posted 6 years ago in news
On December 4th GOTCHAROCKA will release their new single "Short Cake" and we already got to see a 15 second preview of their upcoming Musicvideo! [youtube]GDTsmks2pKo[/youtube] What do you think

Tags  release, Video, GOTCHAROCKA

Angelo release new CM for "Faith"
Posted 6 years ago in news
Did you already check Angelo's official website recently? If you answer was yes, you'd have recognized their new - pretty controversial - CM!! This is a must have not only for fans but for all people

Tags  Angelo, release, Video

heidi. release short clips for their upcoming single
Posted 6 years ago in news
heidi.'s new single is going to be released on November 27th but only today they already released three short clips for the songs being released! You can watch them here: Tomoshibi : [youtube]jf3r0

Tags  heidi., release, Video

Synk;yet release full MV of new single "cross of sin"
Posted 6 years ago in news
We talked about Synk;yet releasing their second single "CROSS OF SIN" just recently as you might remember! This time we would like to present Cross of sins full music-video to you! Please make sure

Tags  release, Video, Synk;yet

Synk;yet to release second single 'Cross of sin'
Posted 6 years ago in news
We just received great news from Starwave Records! Their band Synk;yet have announced the release date of their 2nd single titled "Cross of sin"! It will be released on September 25th and will feature

Tags  release, live, Video, Synk;yet

Kameleos "kimi to nau" full PV released!
Posted 6 years ago in news
As we have already reported, Kameleo have just released their first full Album called "Nau"! Did you already get it? If you aren't sure about wether to buy it or not, you can watch the full PV of "ki

Tags  Kameleo, release, Video

Alice Nine releases short PV for their single "Shooting Star"
Posted 6 years ago in news
Finally! As you all might know the third single of Alice Nine's three consecutive month singles, "Shooting Star" is scheduled to be released on May 29th! For all the fans who can't wait any longer -

Tags  A9, release, Video

D.I.D. released Single! Check the Video here!
Posted 6 years ago in news
And again we are a bit late on this, sorry! Anyways, D.I.D. released their Single "the Point of No Return" only today!!! Have you already checked it?! Three versions have been released! First of all

Tags  D.I.D., release, Video

DIR EN GREY reveal teaser for "THE UNRAVELING"
Posted 6 years ago in news
As you already know DIR EN GREY are going to release their new mini-album "THE UNRAVELING" on April 3rd and only today they released a 15-seconds teaser! Don't miss it!! [youtube]zaPNKGjsb-E[/youtube]

Tags  DIR EN GREY, release, Video

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