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First Anisong Fantasy Live to showcase in Hong Kong and Singapore in March 2017
Posted 2 years ago in news
For the first time, Anisong Fantasy Live comes to both Hong Kong and Singapore in March 2017. The concert will bring together six top acts in the Anisong industry such as Aimer, Alisa Takigawa, ELISA,

Tags  live, Kalafina, Aimer, Luna Haruna, GARNiDELiA, ELISA, Alisa Takigawa

Kalafina 5th Anniversary Live to Air on WOWOW!!
Posted 6 years ago in news
On January 23rd, vocal group Kalafina will be performing at Shibuya O-EAST and the performance, which is held for the groups 5th anniversary, will also be aired on TV program WOWOW. For the group it i

Tags  TV, Kalafina

Kalafina to Provide Theme Song for Movie Version of "Madoka Magica"
Posted 7 years ago in news
On October 24th, girl group Kalafina will be releasing their new single "Hikarifuru" and it has been announced that the song will be the theme song for the movie version of "Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Tags  Nico Nico Douga, Kalafina

Kalafina to Provide Opening Theme for Anime "Fate/Zero"
Posted 7 years ago in news
Kalafina will be releasing their new single "to the beginning" on April 18th and even before that, the song can be heard when watching the anime "Fate/Zero", which will start at the beginning of April

Tags  anime, Kalafina

Kalafina Album Release Poster Round Two!
Posted 8 years ago in articles
So, Kalafina released their album very successfully just the other day and Shibuya was filled with special campaigns.

Tags  Kalafina

Kalafina Poster Special in Shibuya
Posted 8 years ago in articles
As reported in the news, Kalafina have just released their 3rd album this week on the 21st

Tags  Kalafina

Kalafina's 3rd Album "After Eden" Ranking First on ORICON Daily Charts!
Posted 8 years ago in news
On September 21st, Kalafina, who are probably best known for their dream-like ending song "Lacrimosa" for popular TV anime "Kuroshitsuji - Black Butler", released their 3rd album. On the same day, the

Tags  anime, Sound track, Kuroshitsuji, Kalafina

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