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MY FIRST STORY to release new LIVE DVD
Posted 4 years ago in news
MY FIRST STORY announced that they will be releasing a DVD of their one man live at Shinkiba Studio Coast. The DVD "ITSUWARI NEUROSE TOUR FINAL at SHINKIBA STUDIO COAST" will be released on May 27th a


Posted 5 years ago in news
As we reported earlier, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST announced the release of a new DVD in March! Now we finally got more information! The live DVD is titled "GEARS OF OMEGA" and will be released on March 19t


SID to release new album and PV DVD
Posted 5 years ago in news
Fans of シド(SID) listen up! SID announced the release of their new album "OUTSIDER" just recently, which is scheduled to drop on March 12th already! BUT today they announced something new! They jus

Tags  SID, release, live, DVD

Posted 5 years ago in news
Done with their [MAGNIFICENT MALFORMED BOX] tour, the GazettE have announced the release date of final tour DVD which has just been held in January 11. The announcement was published in their official

Tags  GazettE, the, release, DVD

Kiyoharu to release Birthday live on DVD and Blu-ray
Posted 5 years ago in news
Great news from Kiyoharu this time! On October 30th Kiyoharu celebrated his 45h birthday with a great live at Shibuya Koukaidou! And we are sure that some of you are still really sad, that they couldn

Tags  Kiyoharu, release, live, DVD

Kumi Koda is back with new album
Posted 5 years ago in news
Finally! Fans had to wait quite some time for her to come back with a original album but finally she announced the new release! Her newest album will be titled "Bon Voyage" and is scheduled to be rel

Tags  Koda Kumi, release, live, DVD, album

Perfume to release music clips
Posted 6 years ago in news
Perfume are back with great news for the next year! They will release a Music Clip Blu-ray and a DVD on February 12th! Fans should mark that day red already! You can get all the information here: ■B

Tags  Perfume, release, DVD

D=OUT release live album
Posted 6 years ago in news
As we have probably already told you, famous VK band D=OUT is going to release a new live album soon! And we finally have pictures from the cover to show you now! Also make sure not to forget D=OUT's

Tags  D=OUT, release, live, DVD

Crazy★Shampoo to release new Live DVD
Posted 6 years ago in news
Crazy★Shampoo will release a new Live DVD! As they announced just recently their new Live DVD titled "Fate of SCREAM" is scheduled to be released on February 8th already! It will cost 3.900 Yen and o

Tags  release, live, DVD, Crazy★shampoo

DIAURA to release new live DVD at the end of the year
Posted 6 years ago in news
DIAURA have great news for their fans before the year end! They will release their last live DVD of the year on December 29th! It will be titled "赤い虚像(akai kyozou)"and it seems like there will be two

Tags  release, DVD, DIAURA

Gackt announces six releases!
Posted 6 years ago in news
The next year will be awesome (but expensiv) for every Gackt-fan! First of all he will release his new single "P.S. I LOVE U" on February 12th (right time for valentine day!!) in two versions but of c

Tags  GACKT, release, live, DVD

Sakanaction - Artwork of the new single and more infos released
Posted 6 years ago in news
Finally Sakanaction are to release their 9th single 「グッドバイ/ユリイカ」(Goodbye/eureka) and finally the new artwork has been released! With the song "Goodbye" you will get an amazingly beautiful ballad whil

Tags  Sakanaction, release, DVD

L'arc en Ciel to release "LAive Blu-ray BOX"
Posted 6 years ago in news
This is a big announcement for all Fans for L'arc en Ciel! Finally there will be a new release - and a really big one!!! Sooo they will release a L'Aive Blu-ray BOX including 18 CDs and 18 DVDs in to

Tags  L'Arc~en~Ciel, release, live, DVD

R-Shitei to release two DVDs and one single
Posted 6 years ago in news
R-Shitei announced three new releases just recently!!! Two DVDs and one new single will delight the fans soon! The first DVD will be titled "eizouban 2" and is said to include several PVs of the band

Tags  release, DVD, R-Shitei

DAIGO☆STARDUST to release new live DVD
Posted 6 years ago in news
DAIGO just released his new Single "BUTTERFLY/いま逢いたくて..."but is already up with something new! As DAIGO☆STARDUST he releases a new live DVD! And we already have a small part from youtube for you to wa

Tags  DAIGO, release, live, DVD

ALI PROJECT to release new Live DVD
Posted 6 years ago in news
This time we would like to talk about the famouse unit of Takarano Arika and Matakura Mikiya - you surely have already heard the name ALI PROJECT, right? It seems like they will release a new DVD tit

Tags  ALI PROJECT, live, DVD

VelBet to release Live DVD
Posted 6 years ago in news
Good news for fans of VelBet! - well if it can be called good news as the band is disbanding shortly after but.. anyways, the are going to release a Live DVD before disbanding! It will be titled 「世界で最

Tags  velbet, release, live, DVD

The GazettE to release new live DVD
Posted 6 years ago in news
In this years September The GazettE started into their new WORLD TOUR! In about one month they traveled to 9 different countries and these concerts will partly be able to be found on their new DVD th

Tags  GazettE, the, release, live, DVD

THE MICRO HEAD 4N`S to release first documentary DVD
Posted 6 years ago in news
Fans of THE MICRO HEAD 4N`S listen up! Ever wondered how the guys act behind the stage? Well if that`s the case you are soon to find out! On November 1st the band is going to release their first Docu

Tags  release, DVD, THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S

Megaromania's last Live DVD
Posted 6 years ago in news
Megaromania, a famous band signed under UNDER CODE PRODUCTION, had already announced their disbandment some time ago. Fans had already been waiting for this but finally they announced the release of

Tags  Megaromania, release, DVD

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