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Alice Nine, new social networks accounts
Posted 5 years ago in news
Alice Nine members have announced on their Twitters that the current accounts will be deleted due to them leaving PS Company. But calm down! It doesn't mean band is going to quit all social networks!

Tags  A9, twitter, instagram, facebook

LOST ASH Members All Join Twitter!
Posted 7 years ago in news
Just on a short notice, the members of LOST ASH have recently all joined Twitter. Until now they have had a limited band account for their 2011 "DEAD or ALIVE" project and vocalist Daiki had his own a

Tags  LOST ASH, twitter

Kimura Kaela Looking For New Single's Title on Twitter!
Posted 7 years ago in news
During the recently held "ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL", singer Kimura Kaela had been presenting her new single for the very first time, eventually coming up with a rather unusual request. "The title is n

Tags  Kimura Kaela, release, twitter

Hamasaki Ayumi Successfully Starting Weibo with 100,000 Followers!
Posted 8 years ago in news
On August 7th, singer Hamasaki Ayumi has started her account at the Chinese twitter version "Weibo" and until August 11th, she had already surpassed 100,000 followers. On Twitter she announced "I thin

Tags  Hamasaki Ayumi, twitter

JYJ's JEJUNG Confesses Wish to Meet with YUNHO and CHANGMIN on Twitter
Posted 8 years ago in news
Recently the tweets of JEJUNG from popular South Korean group JYJ and former member of Tohoshinki have been stirring a wave of surprise and attention. On his official account, the artists revealed his

Tags  Tohoshinki, twitter, JYJ

Yamaguchi Ichiro of Sakanaction Held a Chorus of "Ue wo Muite Arukou" on Twitter
Posted 8 years ago in news
Sakanaction just released new single "Rookie" on March 16th. Yamaguchi Ichiro, the vocalist, is holding a chorus "Ue wo Muite Arukou" on twitter for several days. As a guest on "Mucomi Plus" on TV a

Tags  Sakanaction, release, twitter

Nightmare's Hitsugi in Need for Protection?
Posted 8 years ago in articles
Being in a band is certainly not an easy thing to do, because it usually involves the opinion of more than one person.

Tags  GazettE, the, NIGHTMARE, abingdon boys school, Nishikawa Takanori, twitter

What to bring to the GazettE's TOKYO DOME performance
Posted 9 years ago in articles
Ruki: "With pretty hair and new costumes, on into a new world."

Tags  MUCC, GazettE, the, twitter

Posted 9 years ago in news
翻译:suki 正文:X JAPAN的队长YOSHIKI最近也注册了他的个人Twitter账号。仅仅两天的时间他的Follower人数就到达了15000人,并且人数正在增加中。 为方便更多人阅读,YOSHIKI用英语更新消息。在8月3日的消息上,他发表了"Rusty Nail"的歌词。8月份X JAPAN将在"Lollapalooza"摇滚音乐节上演出,他们还将开始他们的首次北美巡演。 大家都密

Tags  X JAPAN, tour, twitter

X JAPAN's YOSHIKI Participating on Twitter!
Posted 9 years ago in news
X JAPAN leader YOSHIKI has just started his own Twitter account. In only two days his followers surpassed 15,000 people and there seems to be no end to the rise. Due to the overseas advance, YOSHIKI'

Tags  X JAPAN, tour, twitter

The GazettE's Aoi Now at Twitter
Posted 9 years ago in news
Social streaming site Twitter is gaining a great amount of popularity among musicians in Japan right now and one of its newest followers is the GazettE's Aoi! On June 23rd he tweeted his first message

Tags  GazettE, the, twitter

the GazettE的葵注册Twitter!
Posted 9 years ago in news
翻译:suki 社交网站Twitter上有众多日本明星,最近the GazettE的葵也加入Twitter了!6月23日他在Twitter上发表了第一条信息后,follow他的人数激增。 在the GazettE的官网上葵的个人信息旁也添加了Twitter的链接标志了,大家可以随时关注他在做什么!同时这也是the GazettE第一个官方Twitter。 接下来他在Twitter上会做些什

Tags  GazettE, the, twitter

LUNA SEA Declaring Their "REBOOT!!" on Twitter!
Posted 9 years ago in news
In 2000 LUNA SEA announced the "curtain fall" of their band activities, however, on May 29th at 0 o'clock the message "LUNA SEA REBOOT" was released, which is strongly suggesting a revival of the band

Tags  LUNA SEA, SUGIZO, Kawamura Ryuichi, twitter

LUNA SEA在Twitter上宣布他们的"重新启动
Posted 9 years ago in news
翻译:suki 2000年,LUNA SEA宣布停止乐队一切活动,但是在今年5月29日0点他们发布了这样一个消息:LUNA SEA重新启动!这个消息表明他们准备复出。在2010年的这一天,乐队组成21周年,而21年前的这一天他们举行了乐队的初次演出,具有重大意义。2007年他们举行了一夜限定演唱会,演出延续了他们一贯的传统:在月圆之夜举行演出。 2007年12月24日,东京巨蛋,一夜限定演唱会

Tags  LUNA SEA, SUGIZO, Kawamura Ryuichi, twitter

TRIBAL ARIVALL Vol. 100 Live Coverage at musicJAPANplus twitter
Posted 9 years ago in news
The TRIBAL ARIVALL Voll. 100 live coverage by musicJAPANplus is about to start at our official Twitter account! Please look for #MJP and read the little bits and bites from the PS Company event TRIBAL

Tags  A9, Kra, SuG, SCREW, ViViD, twitter

TRIBAL ARIVALL Live Coverage at the musicJAPANplus Twitter!
Posted 9 years ago in news
On May 30th the PS Company event TRIBAL ARIVALL will be held at SHIBUYA-AX for the 100th time featuring Alice Nine, Kra, SuG, SCREW and ViViD. And this event will be covered live from SHIBUYA-AX! Any

Tags  A9, Kra, SuG, SCREW, ViViD, event, twitter

Fans From All Over the World Following Ayu on Twitter.
Posted 9 years ago in news
Popular idol Hamasaki Ayumi is known to have gotten into online service Twitter recently. She had started tweeting on April 20th at about 10pm and until April 21st 4:36am she had come up with 46 tweet

Tags  Hamasaki Ayumi, twitter

Kagrra, will be participating in a Twitter exchange.
Posted 10 years ago in news
12/4@ Shibuya duo exchange - Kagrra, will be participating in a Twitter exchange. Before the Live performance, you will be able to receive direct comments in REAL TIME! To see the tweets please foll

Tags  Kagrra,, twitter

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