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maidreamin challenges players to Kurokishi RPG game battles
Posted 2 years ago in news
As part of their 10th Anniversary, top Japanese maid cafe chain maidreamin has announced a special, limited-time event for the Japanese mobile game "Kurokishi to Shiro no Maou". From now through Dece

Tags  Game

Promotional video for "Attack on Titan" game released
Posted 3 years ago in news
Japanese manga series "Attack on Titan" has became a big hit during past years. It was made into anime series in 2013, and released as a movie series in 2014 and 2014. Now, on February 18th, "Attack o


"Sengoku BASARA 10 Shunen Sai ~Junen Toiro no Utage~" to be held!
Posted 4 years ago in news
An event of celebrating 10th anniversary of "Sengoku BASARA" titled "Sengoku BASARA 10 Shunen Sai ~Junen Toiro no Utage~" will be held. Gorgeous guests, such as voice actors and artists, will particip

Tags  event, live, Game, Sengoku BASARA

"Splatoon" SOUNDTRACK to be released!
Posted 4 years ago in news
Soundtrack of Nintendo's hit action game "Splatoon", which has sold more than a million copies around the world, will be released on October 21st. "Splatoon" is a 4-on-4 online game that fights for t

Tags  release, Game, Splatoon

BORN's Song from their Mini Album to be Used as the Opening Theme for a Game!
Posted 4 years ago in news
BORN released their mini album "Alternative Tarantula" on July 22nd. The song "RUTSUBO" from this mini album will be used as the opening theme song of "Out Division", a game distributed from BLobby.

Tags  BORN, release, Game

Get Ready for the Awesome Toy, Game, and Comic Exhibition in Indonesia!
Posted 5 years ago in news
Toy, game, and comic fans in Indonesia, get ready for an awesome event to be held in Jakarta on November 22nd and 23rd, 2014. Following the success of "Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention" (STGCC)

Tags  event, anime, Game

Ayane released new single
Posted 6 years ago in news
Japanese anime&game singer Ayane released a new single titled Kaiko no Fetariteto on November 27th! The song has been used as the OP theme for the PS Vita game titled Steins;Gate Senkeikosoku no Pheno

Tags  anime, Game

Airou Crunch Cookies!!
Posted 7 years ago in articles
Not completely sure if these are really "cookies" in the traditional sense, because it just says crunch, but we just assume these are cookies

Tags  Game

"Biohazard" Poster in Ikebukuro
Posted 7 years ago in articles
So "Biohazard" a.k.a. "Resident Evil" has games, CG movies and live action movies and sooooooo much more.

Tags  movie, Game

Catching Kirby at the Game Center
Posted 7 years ago in articles
Some things just never get old, and despite having appeared first about 10 years ago under Nintendo

Tags  Japan, Game

Tsuchiya Anna Contributing Theme Song for "RESIDENT EVIL - DAMNATION" Once Again!
Posted 7 years ago in news
On October 10th the new RESIDENT EVIL movie "DAMNATION" will be released a in Japan and it has been revealed that Tsuchiya Anna will be providing the theme song for the movie once again. The track tit

Tags  Tsuchiya, Anna, release, movie, Game

ViViD to Contribute Album Track to Online Game "Dragon Nest"
Posted 7 years ago in news
In June this year, ViViD released their first full album "INFINITY" and out of the record, the track "live your life" has been chosen as the new theme song for online game "Dragon Nest". As the lyric

Tags  ViViD, release, Game

MIYAVI Providing Songs for iPhone / iPad App "jubeat plus"
Posted 7 years ago in news
Only yesterday has MIYAVI released his latest single "DAY 1", which is the second act out of his "SAMURAI SESSION WORLD SERIES". It has now been revealed that MIYAVI provided a number of songs for th

Tags  MIYAVI, release, Game

lynch. Providing Theme Song for Online Game "SEVENCORE"
Posted 7 years ago in news
Just recently have lynch. released their latest record "INFERIORITY COMPLEX" and it has now been revealed that the band will be providing their song "A FLARE" as the theme song for online game "SEVENC

Tags  release, Game, lynch.

Alice Nine Releasing Applications with Member Calls!
Posted 7 years ago in news
In February, Alice Nine had released their latest album "9" and on June 6th, their third video collection DVD "alice in pictures III". As they are right before starting the second part of their "COURT

Tags  A9, Game

the GazettE Items New for Ameba PIGG!!
Posted 7 years ago in news
If you follow Aoi's tweets you might have noticed, that there are new the GazettE items, for online community game Ameba PIGG available! After Alice Nine, whose items are also available in the English

Tags  GazettE, the, Game

Final Fantasy Chara-Designer Amano Yoshitaka Poster
Posted 7 years ago in articles
Final Fantasy character designer Amano Yoshitaka is celebrating his 20th anniversary


KINGDOM HEARTS Poster in Ikebukuro
Posted 7 years ago in articles
On March 29th, the 3D version of KINGDOM HEARTS has just bee released for Nintendo 3DS

Tags  Game

Monster Hunter Sausage Donuts?
Posted 8 years ago in articles
With every new release of Monster Hunter games, the excitement inflames a new and every time, something completely unrelated to the game if dropping on the shelves.

Tags  Game

Ameba Pico World Expands with Hatsune Miku Fashion and Features!
Posted 8 years ago in news
Hatsune Miku's Crypton Future Media and CyberAgent America just announced a collaborative partnership to expand the Hatsune Miku brand to Pico World players worldwide. Beginning today on November 25


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