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V-Kei Band "Erdbeeren" Before Apparent Break-Up.
Posted 7 years ago in news
On February 18th, young and rising V-Kei band Erdbeeren were supposed to have their first featured live at Ikebukuro Black Hole. However, without contact, vocalist Louis did not appear at the venue an

Tags  blog

Ex. Dio's mikaru and denka Forming New Band!
Posted 8 years ago in news
Together, mikaru and denka had been part of the Visual-kei band "Dio" and after the group's break-up in March 2010, the two of them have now formed a new band called "BLACK LINE". They have changed th

Tags  blog, BLACK LINE

Golden Bomber Announce Anime Tie-up!
Posted 8 years ago in news
Golden Bomber's new song "Boku Quest", will be the ending song of Tokyo TV anime "Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL" starting in April. Prior to the anime, the series had been released in the February 2011 issue of "VJ

Tags  Golden Bomber, blog, anime

Golden Bomber's Kiryuuin Shou Heading out on a Journey!
Posted 8 years ago in news
Golden Bomber are currently one of the hottest topics, when it come to the new genre of Visual-kei "air bands" and it seems that Golden Bomber's vocalist Kiryuuin Shou has just headed out on a private

Tags  Golden Bomber, blog

MUCC Sharing Rooms During Relocation to Finland?
Posted 8 years ago in news
MUCC have just started their European tour in Moscow and while the tour is relatively short with only six performances, the audience on the first day already showed a maximum of excitement it seemed.

Tags  MUCC, blog

AKB48 Ono Erena's Official Blog Closed Upon Graduation.
Posted 9 years ago in news
As reported previously, Ono Erena has been graduating from AKB48 in respect of going to study abroad. Just recently her last update in her blog has been made by her, in which she wrote about the speci

Tags  AKB48, blog

GACKT Being Portrayed in an American Elementary School Book?!
Posted 9 years ago in news
GACKT has just finished his Osaka performances of his play "Nemuri Kyoshiro Burai Hikae" and updated his blog for the first time in a while. "I got something during the performance which really surpri

Tags  GACKT, blog

Mukai Osamu Announces the End of His Filming for Two Currently Aired Doramas
Posted 9 years ago in news
Actor Mukai Osamu has been writing in his blog, that the shooting of popular dorama "Hotaru no Hikari", in which he is currently performing has been finished. Previously the filming of TV series "Gege

Tags  Mukai Osamu, blog, TV series

GACKT Finished his Overseas Tour Successfully and is Back in Japan!
Posted 9 years ago in news
On July 24th GACKT had been holding the tour final of his "GACKT COMING TO EUROPE 2010 ATTACK OF THE 'YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz'" in Bochum, Germany. With a total of 5000 people moved all together, he fin

Tags  GACKT, blog

In Truth, 12012's Miyawaki is STILL in South Africa!
Posted 9 years ago in news
12012's vocalist Miyawaki Wataru has traveled all the way to South Africa for the FIFA World Cup and we have reported about it in the MJP news already. While Miyawaki has visited a great number of mat

Tags  12012, blog, event

12012 to Participate in American Event Again!
Posted 9 years ago in news
Currently the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa is held and 12012 vocalist Miyawaki Wataru has set foot of the actual place of the games. The reports he has been writing in his blog have rapidly surpas

Tags  12012, blog, event

12012' Miyawaki Wataru Holding FIFA World Cup South Africa On-Spot Report
Posted 9 years ago in news
On June 11th the FIFA World Cup South Africa has just started and as the event is only held once every four years, not only hardcore fans are usually looking forward to it. A lot of die-hard fans can

Tags  12012, release, blog

Posted 9 years ago in news
翻译:suki 2010年6月11日南非世界杯开赛。四年一次的世界杯吸引很多人的目光,就算在视觉系里也能找到忠实球迷,当中一个就是12012的宮脇渉。他的博客(http://ameblo.jp/12012-blog/)早已充满了世界杯的热情气氛。目前,他也已经到达了南非。 宮脇渉这次去南非不仅仅是为了玩,而是为了认真的写好球赛报道。目前他已经买好了四场球赛的门票,尽管他想在南非直接入手。 接下

Tags  12012, release, blog

Vidoll Announce Pause of Band Activities
Posted 9 years ago in news
Visual-kei band Vidoll, who scheduled their VIDOLL LIVE Res[e]t for September, have just announced their pausing of activities. The reason for the pause is the medical treatment of vocalist Jui's thro

Tags  Vidoll, blog, event, live

Posted 9 years ago in news
翻译:suki 视觉乐队Vidoll计划在9月份开始他们的VIDOLL LIVE Res[e]t演唱会。但是近日,他们宣布暂停乐队活动,原因是主唱ジュイ需要进行喉咙治疗。ジュイ在博客中说是要"恢复喉咙状态",实际上是因为喉咙血栓变大而暂停活动。 面对如此严重的病状,ジュイ在博客中说到:"我需要在唱歌前用吸入器才能唱得好。目前我也不能进行长期巡演。我还需要监听器才能听到声音。30分钟的演出已经是我

Tags  Vidoll, blog, event, live

hiroto and MOGU - Picture Perfect Impressions on a Friend.
Posted 9 years ago in news
As a celebrity it is a natural thing to have your photo taken and spread through the many magazines and many people are probably eager to have their photo taken and put on the cover of a well respecte

Tags  A9, blog, CJS

Posted 9 years ago in news
翻译:suki 作为一个名人,拍照摄影、以及通过各种媒介传播图片是很自然的事。许多人也很希望能够拍摄照片并登载在一本好杂志上。 Alice Nine现在正在全力准备2011年1月的第一次武道馆演唱会。当然了,他们也很希望能在许多媒体报道和刊载中看到他们的身影。 吉他担当的hiroto很喜欢拍照。我们能在他的博客上发现许多照片,同时照片都会署上"photo by hiroto"(图片由hir

Tags  A9, blog, CJS

the GazettE - Far From Silent Until Their New Release
Posted 9 years ago in news
With the announcement of a new single and the upcoming tour, fans all around the world are certainly getting excited for all new concerning the GazettE! It has been rather quiet this year until now, a

Tags  GazettE, the, blog

girugamesh and ShuU's Personal Fortune Telling by Blood Types?
Posted 9 years ago in news
On February 21st girugamesh are starting their first tour of 2010. [Lately Dating isn't really working out with someone as famous as me. It's the same with the other members. We have a lot going on w

Tags  girugamesh, blog

GLAY's TERU Introducing His Favorite Fruit.
Posted 9 years ago in news
It is known, that GLAY's TERU is a big fan of Oranges and fruits like that. Therefore he had been introducing them in his blog. [I really used to like the Hassuke Oranges a lot more, however, recentl

Tags  GLAY, blog

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