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Windows 7 Release Event Featuring Idols!
Posted 10 years ago in news
Microsoft's latest OS 'Windows 7' went on sale. A release event called 'Windows 7 Launch Commemoration Dospara Countdown Event' was held at the Dospara Akihabara main store. ['Dospara' is a computer

Tags  Windows 7, release

AKB48 Shows Tough Side with New Single "RIVER"
Posted 10 years ago in news
On October 21st AKB48 released their 14th single 'RIVER'. As with their previous song '言い訳Maybe / Iwake [Excuse] Maybe' it took the No.1 spot on the Oricon Daily Singles Ranking. Since there had been

Tags  AKB48, release

'Hexagon' Compilation Album Release Event Held
Posted 10 years ago in news
Actors Tsuruno Takeshi and Sakimoto Hiromi attended the release event of the album 'WE LOVE ヘキサゴン[Hexagon] 2009'. They are members of the artist duo 'Friends', which had been formed as part of the T

Tags  Sakimoto Hiromi, Tsuruno Takeshi, release

JAM Project to Provide Theme Song for RWC 2009!
Posted 10 years ago in news
'Ragnarok Online' is arguably the largest fantasy MMORPG (massively multiplayer online RPG) in Japan. Now player guilds representing countries from around the world will gather and fight to choose t

Tags  JAM Project, release

YUI to Write Song Based on "Attack Pledge"
Posted 10 years ago in news
On October 7th YUI released her new single 'It's all too much / Never say die' and it became No.1 on the Oricon Singles Ranking. Now YUI announced that she will start working on her next song. The n

Tags  YUI, release

TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET + HALCALI New Song Reaches More Than 300,000 Downloads!
Posted 10 years ago in news
On September 23rd TOKYO No.1 SOULSET + HALCALI released the single '今夜はブギ―・バック / Konya wa Boogie Back [lit. 'Do the Boogie Back Tonight']'. In the October 5th edition of the Oricon Weekly Singles Ra

Tags  TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET + HALCALI, release

PornoGraffitti Releases New Single before First Ever Tokyo Dome Concert!
Posted 10 years ago in news
Right before their first Tokyo Dome concert PornoGraffitti will release their 29th single 'アニマロッサ / Anima Rossa [lit. 'Red Soul']' on November 25th. PornoGraffitti vocalist Okano Akihito wrote an

Tags  PornoGraffitti, release

Details of BREAKERZ 4th Album Revealed!
Posted 10 years ago in news
During their second anniversary concert at Nippon Budokan on July 24th, BREAKERZ announced that they will release new material (singles, DVDs, etc.) for three months in a row. The memorable live per

Tags  BREAKERZ, release

The major debut single creates the whirlwind in the Oricon.
Posted 10 years ago in news
Megamaso released the major debut single 「chimes」on October 7. Among other visual rock bands' releases such as 12012, girugamesh, and THE KIDDIE, Megamaso won over those competitors and was ranked in

Tags  Megamasso, release

[中] the GazettE, the personal best ranking ever!/the GazettE个人最好成绩!
Posted 10 years ago in news
the GazettE's new single「BEFORE I DECAY」released on October 7 is featured as an image song of a movie 「ワイルド・スピードMAX / Wild Speed MAX」, and ranked as the 2nd in the ORICON weekly chart. (ORICON is the

Tags  GazettE, the, release

YUI New Single Ranks No.1!
Posted 10 years ago in news
YUI's second single after her comeback titled 'It's all too much/Never say die' in its initial release sold 75,000 copies, and on the Oricon Singles Ranking for October 19th took the No.1 spot. She

Tags  YUI, release

Hirano Aya to Release 2nd Album in November
Posted 10 years ago in news
Along with a successful career as a voice actor, Hirano Aya has been performing actively as an artist too. Now she will release her long-awaited 2nd album! Although the title and other detailed info

Tags  Hirano Aya, release

GING NANG BOYZ First Single in a Year Becomes Theme Song for Movie!
Posted 10 years ago in news
Rock band GING NANG BOYZ (銀杏BOYZ) has not performed in public since February 2009. Now they have finally announced the release of a new single titled 'ボーイズ・オン・ザ・ラン / Boys on the Run'! The single wil

Tags  GING NANG BOYZ, release

[julkaisu] 28. Single "SANATORIUM" julkaistaan 28. lokakuuta!
Posted 10 years ago in news
Plastic Tree, joka juuri äskettäin esiintyi Nippon Budoukanilla toista kertaa, julkaisee singlen "SANATORIUM" lokakuun 28. päivä. Tuleva single tulee olemaan ensimmäinen single-julkaisu Kenken Sat

Tags  Plastic Tree, release

28th Single 'SANATORIUM' will release on Oct.28th!
Posted 10 years ago in news
Plastic Tree, who just succeeded in their 2nd concert in Nippon Budoukan, decided to release "SANATORIUM" on Oct.28th. This is the first single after Kenken Sato officially joined the band. Their pre

Tags  Plastic Tree, release

Nakashima Mika to Provide Theme Song for Movie "Sayonara Itsuka"
Posted 10 years ago in news
Nakashima recently in September collaborated with the women's clothing brand 'SLY' and released the single 'CANDY GIRL'. On November 4th her new song '流れ星 / Nagare-boshi [lit. 'Shooting Star']' will

Tags  Nakashima Mika, release

Cute Visual-kei Band megamasso Releases Major Debut Single!
Posted 10 years ago in news
The members of visual-kei band megamasso look like cute girls at first glance, but are actually cross-dressed boys. The 'girls who are actually men' add a certain surreal, make-believe aspect to meg

Tags  Megamasso, release

Otsuka Ai to Release Album and Commence Tour!
Posted 10 years ago in news
On November 11th Otsuka Ai will release a best hits album of love songs titled 'LOVE is BEST'. She will also go on a concert tour that is 'linked' with the album, and it is called '大塚愛 LOVE is BEST

Tags  Otsuka, Ai, release

Second Release from the BREAKERZ "3 Consecutive Releases" Campaign!
Posted 10 years ago in news
On October 14th BREAKERZ will release a concert DVD of their very first live performance at Nippon Budokan. It is part of their '3 new releases for 3 months in a row' campaign, and now they've annou

Tags  BREAKERZ, release

monobright Collaborates with Miura Haruma!
Posted 10 years ago in news
On October 7th monobright will release the new single 'JOYJOYエクスペリエンス / JOYJOY Experience'. But they've now announced details about their NEXT single! The song is titled '孤独の太陽 / Kodoku no Taiyo [li

Tags  monobright, release

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