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All-time-best album of ZARD to be released on February 10th in commemoration of its 25th anniversary!
Posted 4 years ago in news
ZARD made its debut on February 10th, 1991, and its first single was "Good-bye My Loneliness". The unit released great hits consecutively including "負けないで / Makenaide". So many people still love the u

Tags  ZARD, release, event

Film concert and gallery event of ZARD is held on the last day of the 2015!
Posted 4 years ago in news
ZARD made its debut with a single "Good-bye My Loneliness" on February 10th, 1991. The unit had been creating great hits, such as "負けないで / Makenaide" and "揺れる想い / Yureru Omoi". The unit will turn into

Tags  ZARD, event, live

[music] A New Release At Last!!
Posted 10 years ago in news
ZARD's new album, 'Mou Sagasanai', features a song written by deceased member Sakai Izumi, who died in 2007. The song is called 'Sunao ni Ienakute', and it is reported to have a distinctly rock fl

Tags  ZARD

ZARD Reveals Songs for their Singles Box Set!!
Posted 11 years ago in news
ZARD will release their singles box set, ‘ZARD PREMIUM BOX 1991-2008 Complete Single Collection' on May 28th. This box set includes 44 singles from ‘Good-bye My Loneliness' to their latest single

Tags  ZARD

ZARD's Unreleased Song will be the Theme Song of “Konan”
Posted 11 years ago in news
An unreleased vocal track of ZARD's Sakai Izumi, was found, and was decided as the theme song for the film animation “Meitantei Konan Senritsu no Gakufu”. Sakai Izumi died in May of 2007. The voca

Tags  ZARD

ZARD's New Single is set to release!!
Posted 12 years ago in news
Izumi Sakai, the vocalist of ZARD, will release her Last Record's New Single “Glorious Mind” on December 12th. Izumi Sakai's official book “Kitto Wasurenai” featured an article about her last record

Tags  ZARD

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