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Content tagged with: Sheena Ringo

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Sheena Ringo revealed PV "Netsuai Hakkaku Chyuu"
Posted 6 years ago in news
Sheena Ringo has revealed her action PV "Netsuai Hakkaku Chyuu"! This PV's story is amazing and a must have seen for all fans of the j-pop vocalist! [youtube]o16rgGTZq9s[/youtube] The song was rec

Tags  Sheena Ringo, release, Video

Sheena Ringo's Song "Carnation" as CD Release Announced!
Posted 8 years ago in news
As reported earlier, is Sheena Ringo, vocalist of the Tokyo Incidents contributing her song "Carnation" to the TV series of the same name. It has now been announced that the song, which had been writ

Tags  Sheena Ringo, release

Sheena Ringo to Contribute Theme Song for TV Series "Carnation"
Posted 8 years ago in news
From October 2011, the new NHK TV novel "Carnation" will start airing and it has been announced that no other than Sheena Ringo will be contributing the theme song to it. "To write a song for a seria

Tags  Sheena Ringo, release, TV series

[music] Sheena ‘Unveils' New Music Video
Posted 10 years ago in news
Sheena recently released a new music video for ‘旬 / season', an important track that will become the core element for the new album ‘三文ゴシップ / Superficial Gossip'. Counting from the single ‘ありあまる富 / Th

Tags  Sheena Ringo

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