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Content tagged with: Araki Hirofumi

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Posted 3 years ago in special features
Matsuoka Mitsuru's (SOPHIA/MICHAEL) new-style entertainment show "DAYDREAM BABYS*" (hereafter referred to as DDB*) celebrated its first day on July 27th at AKASAKA BLITZ.

Tags  SOPHIA, Sadie, Araki Hirofumi, REPORT, Matsuoka Mitsuru

New song produced by SOPHIA ・Matsuoka Mitsuru and Araki Hirofumi completed!
Posted 4 years ago in news
It has been revealed that Hirofumi Araki who works as the leader of the four unit group "D☆DATE" and the popular young actor's group "D-BOYS", has completed a new single. The new song is a music crea

Tags  SOPHIA, Araki Hirofumi, release, live, Mitsuru Matsuoka

[D-BOYS] Last Episode of ‘Zuki-Ara' Duo!
Posted 10 years ago in news
Among the D-BOYS members Araki Hirofumi a.k.a. ‘Ara-yan' and Suzuki Hiroki a.k.a. ‘Zukky' are especially close friends. Now the ‘Zuki-Ara' duo will celebrate its ‘grand finale'! As a fitting final c

Tags  Araki Hirofumi, D-BOYS, Suzuki Hiroki

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