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Content tagged with: ONE PIECE

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Never go out of style - Get married with ONE PIECE Marriage Registration Form
Posted 3 years ago in news
Previously we introduced you Sailor Moon marriage form, which received a lot of positive feedback from our readers. Now we have another new one to introduce to you who aren't into traditional white pa


Amuro Namie releases her latest music video!
Posted 4 years ago in news
Amuro Namie will release a new single "Red Carpet" on December 2nd. The music video of the single was posted on the web the other day. â– Amuro Namie / New Single "Red Carpet" [youtube]LCG8MyMdoLI[/you

Tags  Amuro Namie, ONE PIECE, release, CM, anime

List of the best voice actors has been released
Posted 6 years ago in news
There are a lot of good voice actors, narrators and people who just like to talk out there, right? But the best have to be found and this is why "koebu" searched for the best voice actors in animes,th

Tags  ONE PIECE, ranking

Get on the ONE PIECE Train!
Posted 6 years ago in articles
So nearly 5 million people have already seen the movie of ONE PIECE that premiered in December


ONE PIECE Movie Hits Record on Ticket Sales!
Posted 6 years ago in news
On December 15th, the "ONE PIECE FILM Z" has been released in Japan and the movie is already beating records when it comes to ticket sales. Within three weeks, as of January 4th, the film has generate

Tags  ONE PIECE, movie, Japan

MORE ONE PIECE Posters Tokyo Teleport!
Posted 7 years ago in articles
OK, last one for this week


ONE PIECE Window Decoration at Tokyo Teleport!
Posted 7 years ago in articles
As said, ONE PIECE is currently EVERYWHERE and this window decoration, if you can call it that, could be found at the busy station of Tokyo Teleport!


Life-Sized ONE PIECE Figures at DiverCity in Tokyo!
Posted 7 years ago in articles
It's all for the new ONE PIECE movie and the advertising you can see in Odaiba is quite impressive.


ONE PIECE Movie Poster at the Station
Posted 7 years ago in articles
On December 15th, the new ONE PIECE movie is going to be released in movie theaters all over Japan


Avril Lavigne Contributing Theme Songs for "ONE PIECE FILM Z"!
Posted 7 years ago in news
On December 12th, the original sound track for the "ONE PIECE FILM Z" will be released and two of those songs will be provided by Avril Lavigne, which had stirred the excitement for the release quite

Tags  ONE PIECE, release

ONE PIECE Chopper-Man in Pink!
Posted 7 years ago in articles
Well, of course this has to be pink right?


Shibuya Pop-Culture Market with ONE PIECE
Posted 7 years ago in articles
Actually PARCO is more of a rather expensive department store, where hardly any Otakus spend their time,


ONE PIECE Poster to Stare at When Waiting for the Train
Posted 7 years ago in articles
Better than to look at nothing when waiting for the train is certainly this huge poster of ONE PIECE.


ONE PIECE Kitty and Hello!Chopper!
Posted 7 years ago in articles
It was just this morning that I passed by the new collection of Capsule Toys which showed an interesting mix of Hello!Kitty and ONE PIECE Chopper.

Tags  Hello Kitty, ONE PIECE

Large ONE PIECE Poster in Shibuya
Posted 8 years ago in articles
Lately you can find these ONE PIECE posters in quite a few places all over the city.


Toriko x ONE PIECE Poster in Shibuya
Posted 8 years ago in articles
As reported a number of times in the news, Toriko and ONE PIECE had been made into 3D movies and were featured together as part of the Weekly Shounen JUMP Horoes

Tags  ONE PIECE, anime

ONE PIECE Holding Dome Tour Event
Posted 8 years ago in news
Oda Eiichiro's "ONE PIECE", not only hitting with the original manga, but also the anime and movie, has started "ONE PIECE DOME TOUR" from Tokyo Dome on April 27th. The largest theme park event has

Tags  ONE PIECE, event, anime, manga

Weekly Shonen Jump Vol.15 to be Released Free on Yahoo! JAPAN
Posted 8 years ago in news
Due to the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake, the delivery of the 15th volume of "Weekly Shonen Jump"issued on March 14th has been delayed drastically. Therefore, the editorial office

Tags  Gintama, Naruto, ONE PIECE, manga, BLEACH

ONE PIECE on all Covers of SHUEISHA Magazines!
Posted 9 years ago in news
The popularity of ONE PIECE, by Oda Eiichiro does not vanish and has sold more than 200 million copies altogether. Now it has been announced how the series will also be taking over the covers of other

Tags  ONE PIECE, movie, anime

Limited Time ONE PIECE Restaurant Opening in Ginza!
Posted 9 years ago in news
The ONE PIECE manga, as much as the anime are both bursting with popularity and in Tokyo's "oshare" district Ginza at the "Ginza Meza marche" the first public ONE PIECE themed restaurant has opened un

Tags  ONE PIECE, anime, manga

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