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CD Review: Crimson Shiva "Demon's Garden"
Posted 6 years ago in news
This time we would like to talk about Crimson Shivas' Demon's Garden, which has been released on August 14th of this year. First of all the single consist of two songs titled "Demons Garden" and "Frea

Tags  review, Crimson Shiva

Crimson Shiva's fourth single "Demon's Garden" PV Preview
Posted 6 years ago in news
Crimson Shiva's 4th single "Demon's Garden" will be released on August 14th already! Are you ready? The band has already published a preview of their coming PV! Check it out! [youtube]hJIS9EmyCrI[/y

Tags  release, Crimson Shiva

Crimson Shiva to release new single in august!
Posted 6 years ago in news
Crimson Shiva will be back with a new maxi single soon! It is scheduled to be released in August and they haven't decided on a title yet! We only know that there WILL be a maxi- single but there were

Tags  release, Crimson Shiva

J-ROCK EXPLOSION 2013 "華麗なる激情 - Splendid Violent Emotion Vol.4"
Posted 6 years ago in special features
The DANGER CRUE event "華麗なる激情 - Splendid Violent Emotion Vol.4" had been held in a number of different forms three times throughout 2012, featuring various artists of the label and for the first act i

Tags  DIV, REPORT, Crimson Shiva, the Raid., Revolve, Shounenki, 130308div

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