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Content tagged with: FEST VAINQUEUR

Kamen Joshi VS FEST VAINQUEUR "Kamejo VAINQUEUR" Two-man live decided
Posted 5 years ago in news
Kamen Joshi and FEST VAINQUEUR have announced that they will be holding a two-man live on 2014/11/26 at Kichijoji SEATA with the title "仮面女子 VS FEST VAINQUEUR Mixed Martial Arts~仮面女子 vs 化粧男子~ / Kamen

Tags  FEST VAINQUEUR, Kamen Joshi

FEST VAINQUEUR announces Christmas live and 2015 first tour
Posted 5 years ago in news
FEST VAINQUEUR has announced that they will be having a Christmas live this year. Together with the live announcement they also announced that their first tour in 2015 will be a tour going around 5 li


NANIWA V-kei Rengougun "Naniwa Damashii -Kekki Shukai- " July 4, Osaka BIG CAT
Posted 5 years ago in special features
The visual scene in Kansai region has been showing it's original enthusiasm over the past recent years. NANIWA V-kei Rengougun with FEST VAINQUEUR as a center. FEST VAINQUEUR became tremendously known


Rin and FEST VAINQUEUR announce double release
Posted 5 years ago in news
Label mates FEST VAINQUEUR and 凛 -the end of corruption world- (Rin) have announced that they will be releasing singles on the very same date, 2014/07/23! Both of the bands belong to the new label "P

Tags  release, FEST VAINQUEUR, Rin

DaizyStripper, A (ace), FEST VAINQUEUR appearing on a online live broadcast
Posted 5 years ago in news
The members of DaizyStripper, A (ace) and FEST VAINQUEUR will be appearing on V-kei T's Project Channel on Niconico Namahousou! One member from each band will gather up, and with the three of them,

Tags  DaizyStripper, A (ace), FEST VAINQUEUR, broadcast

FEST VAINQUEUR, new look, album and tour
Posted 5 years ago in news
The pride of Kansai, FEST VAINQUEUR has updated their site with a new look! All of the members look quite charming with the new look, so make sure to check it out. The band will also release a new al

Tags  release, tour, FEST VAINQUEUR

FEST VAINQUEUR to release first full album
Posted 5 years ago in news
Great news for FEST VAINQUEUR fans today!! The band announced the release of it's first full album!!! Well actually it seems like they announced the release last year already but no further informati

Tags  release, FEST VAINQUEUR

Anime Song Covers Compilation "V-ANIME ROCKS", 2nd release decided!
Posted 6 years ago in news
"V-ROCK meets anime song" to have a 2nd release, it has been confirmed that "V-ANIME ROCKS evolution" will be released on October 2nd. This version sees the pairing of Japan's cultural pride around th

Tags  DaizyStripper, Megamasso, A (ace), release, AYABIE, FEST VAINQUEUR, WING WORKS

Visual Kei Compilation "TREASON -The cutting edge of Rock press-" Coming Out in March!
Posted 6 years ago in news
As rock music has spread its influence around the world, the-so-called Visual Kei is now getting well known throughout Asia, Europe, and South America. To introduce more about the scene, one compilati

Tags  Crack 6, D, OZ, GOTCHAROCKA, Hanashonen Baddies, Kiryu, FEST VAINQUEUR, Royz, WING WORKS, GRIEVA, Annie's Black, amber gris, JokArt au Legal, misaruka, GALEYD

FEST VAINQUEUR Inviting to One Man with Ticket for Two!
Posted 7 years ago in news
On October 20th, FEST VAINQUEUR have celebrated their third anniversary with a one man performance at umedaAKASO and as a follow-up celebration, they are going to present an early Christmas live. On


ZEAL LINK Weekly Ranking 2012/10/21
Posted 7 years ago in special features
This week's Zeal Link ranking!


FEST VAINQUEUR to Release First Complete Album "GENERATION" in 3 Types!
Posted 7 years ago in news
Not too long ago, FEST VAINQUEUR have taken up activities with their new line-up, including the members GAKU and I'll, after TOMO had left the band earlier this year. With the recent five members, it

Tags  release, FEST VAINQUEUR

New "BLUE PLANET JAPAN" Event Announced!!
Posted 7 years ago in news
Last year, with regard to the Tohoku earth quake that happened in Japan on March 11th 2011, the visual-kei charity event "BLUE PLANET JAPAN" had been held and about a year and a half later, a new even

Tags  DaizyStripper, A (ace), event, FEST VAINQUEUR

TOMO to Leave FEST VAINQUEUR! Last Live Performance Announced.
Posted 7 years ago in news
It has been announced on March 2nd, that TOMO, guitarist of FEST VAINQUEUR will be leaving the band on May 20th after their final live performance together. The other members, HAL, HIRO and KAZI will


SPARK!Vol.1~冬の陣~ / ~Fuyu no Jin~ 2012/02/02 LIQUIDROOM Ebisu
Posted 7 years ago in special features
In the early evening hours on this cold February day, an excited crowd was getting ready for a heated event held at LIQUIDROOM Ebisu. Seven greatly different bands where scheduled to heat up the scene

Tags  A (ace), event, REPORT, BLACK GENE for the NEXT SCENE, FEST VAINQUEUR, Royz

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