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Content tagged with: ももいろクローバーZ

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Posted 4 years ago in special features
On October 2015, with the end of the month Halloween waiting right before, "HALLOWEEN PARTY 2015 run by VAMPS" which is the biggest Halloween live event in Japan finally took place this year as well.

Tags  DIR EN GREY, SID, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Tommy Heavenly 6, VAMPS, BREAKERZ, REPORT, 氣志團, ももいろクローバーZ, MONORAL

Momoiro Clover Z Celebrating First Seibu Dome Live with 37,000 Fans!
Posted 7 years ago in news
After their 8th single release, idol girl-group Momoiro Clover Z have held their very first performance at Seibu Done on August 5th. The show titled "Momo Kuro no Baka Sawagi Summer Dive 2012 Tour -Sa

Tags  event, ももいろクローバーZ

New Sailor Moon Anime in 2013! Momoiro Clover Z to Provide Theme Song!
Posted 7 years ago in news
Last weekend, JAPAN EXPO had been held in Paris and amidst a number of great artists such as MAN WITH A MISSION and DaizyStripper, idol five-piece Momoiro Clover has been performing. With the girls'

Tags  release, event, anime, manga, ももいろクローバーZ

Momoiro Clover Z Oversized Shibuya Poster!
Posted 7 years ago in articles
Momoiro Clover Z are the new idol stars in Japan

Tags  ももいろクローバーZ

Sailor Moon Celebrating 20th Anniversary with Nico Farre Event in July!
Posted 7 years ago in news
It has been 20 years since popular anime series "Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon" had been released first by Takeuchi Naoko and to celebrate the occasion, a special event will be held on July 6th. The ta

Tags  event, anime, Japan Expo, ももいろクローバーZ

Momoiro Clover Z at TOWER RECORDS
Posted 7 years ago in articles
Currently filling progressively larger halls are Momoiro CloverZ

Tags  ももいろクローバーZ

Sendai Kamotsu and Golden Bomber to Participate in "Kishidan Banpaku 2012!"
Posted 7 years ago in news
As previously reported, this year's Kishidan Banpaku will feature a number of great artists as it has already been revealed in the first line-up announcement. Next to the GazettE and VAMPS, the second

Tags  GazettE, the, VAMPS, Kishidan, event, ももいろクローバーZ

Momoiro Clover Z Publish "PUSH" Video Clip on YouTube!
Posted 7 years ago in news
On June 27th, girl-group Momoiro Clover Z will be releasing their new single, which has yet to be named, however, they just released the music video to coupling track "PUSH" on their official YouTube

Tags  release, Video, ももいろクローバーZ

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