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SATSUKI Europe Tour Special Project "Anime Next" PHOTO REPORT

special features

SATSUKI performed at the Anime Next convention held in America on 7th-9th June as MOON STREAM! We have received the pictures of the event already, so we will show them to you!

Special Project "GOMI Fantasista" was held in "Anime Next". This project will also be held at the tour "SATSUKI 3 days in Europe - Scene of "LUMINOUS"" that will start from 21st June. Could you also join to this "GOMI Fantasista" to help make the city a bit cleaner? Please see here for more information.

Also we are sure that besides the project, SATSUKI's live will also be very exciting!! There is not even a week to go until the tour starts!! Everyone, are you prepared? Let's make it a hot live!!

6/21 (fri) Paris - France @ LA BOULE NOIRE
Ticket INFO: weezevent - Fnac - francebillet - Carrefour
6/22 (sat) Munich - Germany @ GARAGE deluxe
Ticket INFO: weezevent / me-shop (Germany)
6/23 (sun) Poznan - Poland @ blue note
Ticket INFO: weezevent / v-kei poland (Poland)

A signing session will be organized after each show!

Additional special member is Gt:SANA (ex.MASK), Ba:Seiya (ex.OTOKAGE), Dr:Aki(Lc5).

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