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Composition and text: Sabrina & artsnrock85 / Trans: Kai.M

special features

"Welcome to my "WHAT'S MY NAME?" tour. Have a good time. My name is MYV and I came all the way from Tokyo to rock the hell out of you", he told the audience that welcomed these words ecstatically. "Sure today is the best night. Feel the music, shake ya body, enjoy the music."

The seventh song was "CHILLIN' CHILLIN' MONEY BLUE$" in which he encouraged the fans to clap over their heads. He used a lot of loops during the song especially for his guitarsolo. Again he ran to the edges of the stage and even got in physical contact with the fans. To describe MIYAVI during this song with just one word you would use: fun.

In contrast to the bluesy song before, the eighth song was more of a rock song: "I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU AND I HATE YOU" and the audience rocked along.

Then MIYAVI took his time to talk about the Tsunami and the people in Japan who are still suffering. He told his fans that he had a lot of trouble to decide whether he would do that tour or stay with his family and he asked his CoMIYAVI to close their eyes and pray for the people in Japan. The hall was in complete silence then, acting upon his wish.

The following song he claimed to be a song of the earth: "GRAVITY". It created goose-skin with its slow and moody guitarsounds. That was supported through the thrilling rhythms of the drums. But most shivers through the spine were created by MIYAVI's voice as he showed how much he was able to do with it.

Next "JUSTICE" followed with the audience starting to clap along immediately through the puristic guitarsounds. Meanwhile MIYAVI made a show out of himself playing his guitar via leaning back in an angle of nearly 90° and continuing to play. The solo of this song was filled with new playtechnics and especially effects of distortion he has not shown in 2009. And it seemed he played more smoothly than before. He even lay on the floor and continued playing. The fans were enthralled.

Also the following songs "STAMP YOUR FEET, CLAP THAT BEAT" and "SHELTER" he played with passion and interacted with the audience, showing he is a real entertainer.

After that he took a small break in which the stage was prepared for an acoustic part. This he began with a speedbattle between Bobo's bongos and MIYAVI slapping the rhythm on his guitar for which the fans got wild. They also sang "BOOM HA BOOM HAHA" along with MIYAVI, who declared he now thinks about playing that song again the next show. Then he talked a little bit about his new album recorded in London, made some jokes about his English and his hoarse voice including a "thank you" in German.

Song number 13 was "MOON" to calm down the audience who was bewitched by the beauty of it, followed by "WE LOVE YOU". MIYAVI told the fans to sing along and the audience fulfilled his wish in the chorus.

"You are even better than the French", he told the crowd that burst into laughter but continued singing. He also thanked them all.

After the stage was again changed to the normal setting he played the following songs: "WHAT'S MY NAME" (in a shorter and more slowly version), "TORTURE" and "SUPER MOTHERFUCKER BITCH". They were fast and pushed the fans within the music.

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