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BORN TV, April 30, 2011 from 8pm
Composition and text: / Trans: Shin Kosuge

special features


Ryoga:Nice to meet you, we're BORN! I'm the vocalist Ryoga!

K:I'm the guitarist K!

Ray:I'm the guitarist Ray!

KIFUMI:I'm the bassist KIFUMI!

TOMO:I'm the drummer TOMO!

Ryoga:Our band's concept is 'THE BLACK POPULAR'. We want to be a dark, devious band. We want to be dangerous but also popular. We want to be easy to listen to, so we fuse together hardcore elements with catchy melodies to create great music. That's what we think is important.

On April 9th BORN celebrated its 3rd anniversary!
In those 3 years, are there any unforgettable memories?

KIFUMI:We have lots of that.

Ryoga:There was this one time where we all dived into the audience seats and couldn't continue performing.

KIFUMI:Was it when we were abroad? We all put away our instruments and dived.

Ryoga:But everyone got fired up, so I guess the concert was a success.
At a different concert TOMO started drumming the wrong song.

TOMO:When was that? I was thinking of a different song.

Ray:Although the tempo was different, I adjusted to it.

Ryoga:It was supposed to be a fast-paced song, but since TOMO slowly beat the drums, Ray and K played the guitars slowly as well.

KIFUMI:I thought they looked like complete idiots (laugh). They should have restarted from the beginning!

Ryoga:But we always love to fully enjoy every moment, so for BORN playing the song with a different tempo was acceptable (laugh).

KIFUMI:So it was a 'live version'!?

All:That's right!

Ryoga:Look forward to seeing many different kinds of BORN!

KIFUMI:Speaking of memories, although this isn't really special, when we had just formed the band, after concerts we always went to Ray's house and watched videos of each day's performance and talked about them.

Ryoga:To review our performance!


TOMO:We don't do those nowadays (laugh).

KIFUMI:Yes, we recently don't do them. Why? (laugh)

Ryoga:Then let's start by going to Ray's house.

KIFUMI:Let's go to Ray's house!

TOMO:Let's go!

Ray:Please don't (laugh).

TOMO:You won't let us in?

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