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Dragon Ash Tour Rampage April 22nd at Zepp Tokyo
Composition and text: Victor Entertainment, Inc
Photo: Victor Entertainment, Inc

special features

Dragon Ash Tour Rampage
April 22nd at Zepp Tokyo

The concert held on April 22nd could be considered as a monumental moment in the history of Dragon Ash. Their newest album 'MIXTURE' aims to show in a definitive way what it means to be Dragon Ash, and what it means to be a 'mixture rock' band. Over the years they have succeeded in fusing together rock music with various other genres, primarily rap and hip hop. Having accumulated a vast amount of experience, and having experimented with all sorts of music styles, Dragon Ash decided to go back to their roots as a hard rock band. The new album 'MIXTURE' thus sends a powerful message to fellow artists, their fans, and to the rock music scene. The nationwide tour 'Dragon Ash Tour Rampage' provided an opportunity for the fans to directly experience the band's message. Everything culminated in a spectacular way during the final concert of the tour at Zepp Tokyo on April 22nd.

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