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ROCK Musical "Pink Spider" The Globe Tokyo, March 8th, 2011
Composition and text: Joana

special features

ROCK Musical "Pink Spider"
The Globe Tokyo, March 8th, 2011

One after another, young people step into the scene rushing towards great expectations, all holding a ticket in their hands. However they all find themselves disappointed and confused. They rip their tickets apart and leave again. A mysterious man performs with a glittering butterfly brooch on his chest,when S is one of those, who is left behind confused. Gradually he is dragged into something he might not understand just yet. A dancer in pink, dances around him, gesturing to rip his heart out and implanting something...a dream?
The scene changes. Two men from a delivery service appear to bring S a package.

"If everyone was able to become a musician, then Japan would be a country consisting only of musicians", they say, discussing the dreams they have had when they were in high school.
At the same time, S is on the phone, confessing his dream to do exactly that to a person he doesn't know and who just answered his call by chance - Mel.

"I don't have wings, that's why I can't fly...", S says. "Liar!" is the response from a voice echoing along. It all seems to be pulling S deeper into this mysterious scene.

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