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KREVA's an unprecedented HIP HOP performance; tour "K-ing" final 2days
Composition and text: yuki (m.j.p.)

special features

Have you ever listened to Japanese hip-hop?
Most people around the world may not pay attention to hip hop made in Japan and all hip-hop fanatics have great respect for famous American hip-hop artists as its in their genetics.
Despite the fact that this kind of music didn't used to be so mainstream, its scene has recently turned out some excellent artists. If you have not seen them, please pull the trigger with this article!

This time musicjapanplus reports on the final 2days of KREVA's tour "K-ing" held on the 23rd and 24th of November at Nippon Budokan.
The first day was the "Guest day" with the second day being the "Non-guest day", each show attracted completely different people. Both shows brought endless surprises and excitement.

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