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D TV "Please enjoy the show together with D! "
Composition and text: MJP / Trans: Shin Kosuge , Masami , Kaei
Photo: Misaki

special features

ASAGI: Since '7th Rose' is about going back to our roots, we chose Takadanobaba AREA because that's where we often performed in our early years. We performed for 5 days because for each day one of the members became the producer. The set lists and MCs were decided by the producer. The concerts successfully showcased each member's personality.

MC: Which concert was the most memorable?

ASAGI: Mine, of course (laugh)...what do you think?

HIROKI: Mine was on the first day, so I felt I couldn't fail. It was difficult, so I had everyone help me create the set list. I learned how difficult it was for ASAGI to think about the set lists and plans for concerts. I also learned how to make myself and the fans excited.

By becoming the producer, I was able to expand my vision. I learned that I should try to make my presence felt and not just stay in the background as the drummer.

The producer for the 2nd day was Tsunehito-kun!

Tsunehito: The title for my concert was 'Swirl Sounds!!' We all wore sharp and chic-looking suits. ASAGI's looked like something from 'The Matrix'. (laugh) It used a stand collar, right?
We usually wear custom-designed costumes, so I think we looked quite different.

I chose many songs that were written by me. But I changed them into ballads, or emphasized the drums and bass to get the audience excited.
I also invited a special guest.

HIROKI: That was memorable!

Tsunehito: It was actually HIDE-ZOU-san wearing sunglasses. I had him go into the audience seats. It was interesting and fun. I learned a lot. Like trying to strike a balance between funny and serious moments, keeping the fans engaged during MCs, and handling the intervals between the songs.

The next producer was...

HIDE-ZOU: I was the producer! The title was '限界ギリギリ!!効果は未知数☆'. [Roughly means 'Pushing the limits!! What's going to happen?'] It was held on May 3rd.

HIROKI: What a title. (laugh)

HIDE-ZOU: It was very difficult to harness all the things that I wanted to do, and to decide the order of the songs and when to do MCs. It was nearly impossible.
I was really 'pushing the limits'. But in the end it became a heartwarming, hot concert thanks to the members and fans!

While writing the intro music, I came up with this idea of giving a bouquet of roses to ASAGI-san at the beginning of the song 'Card'. So I gave ASAGI-san a bunch of roses with a card written "ASAGI-san, how about me?" It was a surprise, but ASAGI-san reacted without a hitch.

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