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X JAPAN WORLD TOUR Live in YOKOHAMA Cho Kyoko Toppa Nanakorobi Yaoki -Sekai e Mukatte- Manatsu no Yoru
Composition and text: kanako / Trans: Shin Kosuge , Kai.M
Photo: ***

special features

The lone star was of course still shining brightly in the sky. The star that had been watching the entire concert might have been HIDE himself. Big fireworks went up, and it almost looked like the fireworks were reaching out toward the star. Although the star disappeared among the smoke caused by the fireworks, it doubtless must have continued to watch the concert until the very end.

X JAPAN is scheduled to begin their North American tour from Los Angeles on September 25th. They will tour around venues that can hold about 2,000 to 3,500 people. For the exact tour dates check the MJP (musicJAPANplus) X JAPAN Artist Database.

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