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Tokyo International Anime Fair 2010 at Tokyo Big Sight
Composition and text: kanako / Trans: Shin Kosuge & joana
Photo: yuki

special features

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2010

The 'Tokyo International Anime Fair (TAF)' is one of the world's largest anime conventions held each year around the end of March!! Many companies and visitors participate in the event. The annual convention has a long history, and this year was the ninth time.

For this year Tokyo Candoll made their debut at TAF. Some of you might have noticed a banner ad of Tokyo Candoll being placed on the top page of musicJAPANplus. To celebrate Tokyo Candoll's appearance, the musicJAPANplus staff kanako & misaki decided on a whim to make their own 'debut' by visiting TAF for the first time! Even among the musicJAPANplus we are known to be out and out 'otaku [avid fans of anime/manga]'. During normal conversations we sometimes use notable phrases made by anime/manga characters...There is one phrase in particular that I seriously think is the best one I've read in my entire life. It was made in the manga 'SLAM DUNK' by Mr. Anzai, who is the coach of Shohoku High School's basketball team, which in turn is the team the main character belongs to. In one scene Mr. Anzai says "If you give up, then it's game over." I think that's true in real life too. If you give up, your life is over! You can learn many things from manga. There are tons of manga I want to recommend, but I especially suggest reading 'うる星やつら / Urusei Yatsura'! ...Wait, I need to get back on track...anyway, to tell you the truth I had been looking forward to going to TAF for a long, long time.

kanako & misaki excitedly made their way to TAF on March 27th, the first day of the Public Day. TAF attracted a total of nearly 130,000 visitors in four days. TAF newbie kanako will now introduce TAF to the musicJAPANplus readers.


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