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Plastic Tree 2010 Winter Tour [Re:chord] at C.C.Lemon Hall
Composition and text: Joana / Trans: Aiko

special features

We have created a lot of memories during this tour!
Plastic Tree2010 Winter Tour 【Re:chord】
Feb. 26th 2010 at C.C.Lemon Hall

On February 26th, as fans gathered out side C.C. Lemon Hall, it was Plastic Tree's Re:chord tour, which would come to an end that day with a final performance.

It had been raining all day and hadn't stopped until then. Fans were huddling under their umbrellas, trying not to get wet. However, it was evident, that not a single one of them would have wanted to miss this show, no matter the weather. As the starting time drew near, the hall filled with people taking their seats in the arena and the upper floors, the excitement almost touchable in the air. The on-stage screen showed the band logo and mystic music was playing in the back.

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