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Kawamura Ryuichi NEW ALBUM 'Sora' Release Interview
Composition and text: kanako / Trans: Shin Kosuge
Photo: ***

special features

Looking Up at the Sky, at 'Sora'
Kawamura Ryuichi NEW ALBUM 'Sora'
Release Interview

February in Japan is considered to be the middle of winter, and there is lots of snowfall across the country. But when we interviewed Kawamura Ryuichi at an undisclosed location in Tokyo, the skies were unseasonably clear.

On February 24th Kawamura released 'Sora', his first album since moving to the record label avex. This interview was conducted before it went on sale.

Why did he name the album 'Sora'? ['Sora (çİş)' means 'sky' in Japanese.] The crystal clear skies of Tokyo on that day is the same sky that can be seen by his fans all over the world. What special meaning does 'sora (sky)' have for Kawamura Ryuichi?

We also did a Q&A session about the songs included in the album.
In addition we asked him questions concerning 'love'; a subject that should be of interest to all his fans.

Through musicJAPANplus, Kawamura Ryuichi will deliver his thoughts to the whole world in his own words.

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