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SHOXX Interview - Phantasmagoria
Composition and text: MIYUKI MURAYAMA / Trans: Shin Kosuge
Photo: ***

special features

SHOXX vol.206
Artist: Phantasmagoria

When we play, we're not reliving the past. It's only natural for us to perform.

Phantasmagoria announced that their regrouping will only last until April 5th. There are only a few more opportunities to see them. On March 10th the previously unreleased 'Diamond Dust' and 'Seeds of Brain' will go on sale. They will perform their last concert at OSAKA BIG CAT on April 5th. All fans should closely watch the band's last activities. Each member has announced their future careers after the final live performance. The leader KISAKI has also revealed that he will form a new band!

---- In a previous interview you mentioned that 'Diamond Dust' stays true to the band's form. But personally I think it sounded markedly different from other Phantasmagoria songs.


---- Were there any other songs as upbeat as this one?

JUN:[Smiling wryly] That's not exactly what we intended to express.
KISAKI:I thought it was very much like the other songs written by JUN. Like the guitar phrases and composition. I felt it was a straightforward Phantasmagoria song.
JUN:It's a close friend 'Fairy times memory'. (laugh)
Riku:Just like KISAKI-san and JUN said, I think it's similar in style to 'Fairy times memory' too. It smoothly fitted into all our other songs.

---- I see.

KISAKI:At that time [when 'Diamond Dust' was written] I didn't want '神歌 / Kamiuta' to be our flagship song, so there were talks about making 'Diamond Dust' the feature track. But for several reasons the plans were scuttled and left that way. Now that we're going to release the song as a single, I guess it turned out okay.



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