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Embracing This Day In Their Hearts
Composition and text: kanako / Shin Kosuge
Photo: ***

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Embracing This Day In Their Hearts
Major Debut & Album Release Anniversary Solo Concert Tour '09
'タイムマシンにのって / Time Machine ni Notte'

Doremidan fans had many occasions to wholeheartedly celebrate in 2009, chief among them the band's major debut and release of a new album. To finish off the year they also embarked on a solo concert tour titled 'タイムマシンにのって / Time Machine ni Notte [lit. 'Riding on a time machine']'. The last performance of the tour was held at Omotesando FAB on December 26th. Each of the 5 members, Makoto, KEN, Ryu, Shinji and Reika, are vital in creating the unique music of Doremidan. Here's a full look at what took place on that day, which marked the final concert with all 5 members. [The bassist Shinji had announced he will leave the band after the tour.]

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