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We betray ourselves just like we are !
Composition and text: kanako / Trans: Joana
Photo: ***

special features

We betray ourselves just like we are !
SuG Special Interview for the Release of [gr8 story]

With their new Single release [gr8 story], SuG will also be celebrating their Major Debut. Moreover, the song will be the ending theme of popular Anime [Katekyoushi HITMAN REBORN], which will put a lot of attention towards the song for Visual-kei fans and Anime fans alike. This is certainly a sensational moment for the band.

For them is the first time to be involved in an Anime Tie-Up project and they let us know their thoughts on it, as well as how it is a new start for SuG as a Major band. However, just like during their time as an Indies band, they seem to be heading forward in their usual fast pace. Amongst all these happenings, we would like you to enjoy this interview.

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