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SUGIZO First Interview with musicJAPANplus
Composition and text: kanako / Trans: Shin Kosuge

special features

----Next, let's talk about 'TELL ME WHY YOU HIDE THE TRUTH?'. The word 'truth' in the title seems to hold profound meaning. What were the thoughts or messages you were trying to send in this song?

SUGIZO:There are secrets held by a small elite who controls the world...We spend our lives without ever being aware of the truth that is hidden from us. Most people have not been able to experience true freedom. We must search and obtain 'true freedom' and 'real human life' that can be found inside this universe. For that to happen, the handful of people who rule over the world must reveal the many secrets that they hoard. We have to liberate freedom and rebuild it by ourselves. I think the world is in need of a revolution. To know what to believe, to know what's really going on in this world we have to take the initiative. That's the sort of signal I'm trying to send.

----I see. You mentioned [in a different interview] that the two songs took shape from 'a strong desire that has lasted for over 10 years'. What were the things you've been able to acquire, and what were the things you've lost during that time?

SUGIZO:I've learned to become aware of the truth and genuine happiness. I now know the things that I really hold dear. The things I lost are probably money. When you seek the truth, you can't be as rich as you once was. There are things more important beyond money; I'm not working, writing music, or participating in various activities for cash. When you're doing what you really want to do, making money ceases to be the number one priority.

----For you, what is the truth you want to see? What are the things you truly desire?

SUGIZO:Real freedom, and also a real connection. As a creator of 'objects', I'll like to become wholly satisfied with my work. The thing I seriously want to do the most is make society, the whole world clean. That's the duty we must fulfill for the next generation. The one thing that helped me transform the most was having a child. I feel as if I was 'born' alongside my daughter. In hindsight, until she was born I was a real loser (laugh). With the birth of my daughter I can now see the important things more clearly. Compared to the 26 years I spent before that, I've been able to learn far more.

----In that sense your daughter must be your 'messiah'.

SUGIZO:I think that's true. I was pretty irresponsible, so if it weren't for my daughter I might not be alive today (laugh). Besides, without my daughter there wouldn't have been a reason for me to exist in this world. But when you love your daughter, you begin to love all children. Although this might sound grandiose, nothing will make me happier than seeing all children around the world lead joyous lives. I'll be more than satisfied if I can become a tool towards that goal.

----Although you mentioned it as 'grandiose', it might be that one of the things you've gained during the past 10 years is a mindset that helps you consider those ideas seriously.

SUGIZO:You might be right. It's truly farfetched, but I haven't thrown away my most important dream. I won't give up on it yet.

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