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w-inds. 'New World / Truth-Saigo no Shinjitsu-' Release Interview
Composition and text: kanako / Trans: Shin Kosuge
Photo: ***

special features

-- w-inds. 'New World/Truth~Saigo no Shinjitsu~' Release Interview
'New World' Opened Up by w-inds.

w-inds. recently released their new single 'New World / Truth~最後の真実~ (New World / Truth~Saigo no Shinjitsu)'. For the double A-side single they collaborated with top class producers of Japan and the US. For the first song w-inds. worked with Imai Ryosuke, who has created many Japanese R&B masterpieces. The second song was provided by the No.1 R&B artist Ne-Yo. What have they achieved through the collaborations? Along with the new songs, the w-inds. members also talked about their concerts in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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