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雅-miyavi- Yearbook Project: Week One -"Chronology & Recollections"
Composition and text: Yuki and Celley
Photo: ***

special features

Solo Career

"雅-miyavi- Chronology" 2002

October: 雅-miyavi- released his first solo album "gagaku" on October 31st, beginning his solo career in earnest. The album included a 'self' cover of Due'le quartz's "Dear From...XXX", as well as "Girls, be ambitious", which was his first music video. The title, 'gagaku', is the Japanese word for music that was played in the old royal court; the kanji, however, can also give the meaning 'MIYAVI music'.

November: Singles "Shindemo Boogie-Woogie" and "POP is dead" were released on November 30th. Both were released as VHS boxes that included their respective music videos on tape.

December: Single "Jingle Bell (Kari)" was released on December 18th, with two b-side songs including "Ashita, Tenki ni Naare".

"雅-miyavi- Chronology" 2003

April: 雅-miyavi- played his first solo concert at Shibuya's Kokaido (now C.C. Lemon Hall) on April 23rd, and on the same day his fanclub "Komiyavi Rengou" was established. This concert was subtitled "Gekokujou" (student surpassing the master). On April 16th, he released his single "Jibun Kakumei-2003-"; the disc included the song's music video.

June: Single "Tariraritarara♪" was released on June 25th, with new versions of "Shindemo Boogie-Woogie" and "POP is dead" as b-sides.

July: "Shibuya Kokaido 'Gekokujou'" , 雅-miyavi-'s debut solo performance from three months earlier, was released on DVD and VHS July 23rd. The DVD included 10 extra minutes of film from the concert, and the VHS release sold out completely. This was the last of his concerts to be released on VHS; all subsequent video would be available on DVD only.

September: "Coo quack cluck-ku.ku.ruu-" was released on September 3rd; the disc included the title song's music video.
December: His second album, "galyuu" was released on December 2nd. As with 'gagaku' before, the kanji for 'galyuu' can be understood as 'MIYAVI style'.

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