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雅-miyavi- Yearbook Project: Week One -"Chronology & Recollections"
Composition and text: Yuki and Celley
Photo: ***

special features

Due’le quartz

"雅-miyavi- Chronology" 1999

June: This is when 雅-miyavi- joined Due'le quartz. During his work in this band, he wrote lyrics, songs, and arranged them. His first show with the band was at Tokyo's popular Takadanobaba AREA live house.

November: The band's first mini-album "Mikansei no "Jekyll" to "Hyde"" was released this month, limited to 3000 first edition copies that included booklets with serial numbers. A second pressing of the album was released in December, which included an extra song instead of the limited booklet.

"雅-miyavi- Chronology" 2000

May: A second mini-album with 5 songs, "Jisatsu Ganbou", was released and limited to 5000 copies.

June: Due'le quartz, along with DAS:VASSER, created a compilation single with one song from each band. It was named for DAS:VASSER's song "D", but Due'le quartz's song was called "Byou".

July: The band recorded their first demo, "Ame to Buchi wo...", which was distributed only at the events they participated in. There were four versions, limited to 300 copies each.

August: Due'le quartz's official fanclub 'Baby Merry' was established this month. They also played their very first one-man show at Shibuya's O-WEST live house. A third release of "Mikansei no "Jekyll" to "Hyde" ~Wakaki to Itari~" was made and distributed as standard edition.

"雅-miyavi- Chronology" 2001

January: The band's first singles "Dear...from xxx disc-1" and "Dear...from xxx disc-2" were released. Both were limited to 10,000 copies, and contained two of four possible b-side tracks.

February: On Valentine's day the band celebrated the two year anniversary of their formation by giving out free copies of their next single, "Bitter", at the venue where they played a one-man show on that day.

April: A final pressing of "Jisatsu Ganbou" was released this month as standard edition.

May: Due'le quartz held their first solo tour, visiting seven locations. They also began distributing another demo called "Rob Song", which came in seven different versions. Available for free at each show was a copy of their next single, "Meikyoushisui / 259046930439141-9 ver".

June: The band plays at an event in Hong Kong, giving 雅-miyavi- and the rest of its members their first taste of a performance outside Japan.

August: A fan-club only tour with four performances was held this month. The band also released the "Re:plica" single. At an event hosted by PS COMPANY, Due'le quartz was featured in collaboration with Kagrra, and Ash on a single called "WARNING", which included the eponymous song and a track of comments from each of the artists.

September: Due'le quartz returned to Hong Kong for a tour, accomplishing their very first solo performance and tour abroad.

"雅-miyavi- Chronology" 2002

January: A final pressing of "Mikansei no "Jekyll" to "Hyde" ~Wakaki to Itari~ Renewalver" was released as standard edition.

May: Due'le quartz released their next single "Rodeo", with six songs including the title track.

June: The band announced their dissolution at Shibuya's O-EAST live house.

September: Due'le quartz played their last show together at Shibuya's AX venue, and released their final single, "LAST TITLE" as well as a best-of album with 13 songs. 雅-miyavi- announced via the band's official website that he will continue to perform as a solo artist under the name "雅-miyavi-". He still cites the break-up of Due'le quartz as a major turning point for him both professionally and personally.

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