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UNIDOL 2019 Summer at Shinkiba STUDIO CAST on August 27th

special features

It will be the 14th opening this year of UNIDOL which is the only idol copy dance university match in Japan which will define the No.1 in Japan. The summer competition finals of this UNIDOL, "UNIDOL 2019 Summer", opened at Shinkiba STUDIO CAST on August 27th 2019.

The total amount of audience last year recorded 2300 people. It became the Japan's No.1 event promoted by student groups and is an event that is expanding its size annually. This year Watanabe Kome of SUPER☆GiRLS was in charge of the MC. She expressed the "Matsuri (festival)" which was the theme of the competition, wearing a costume of a miko (shrine maiden). And The World Standard (wa-suta) appeared as a secret guest. FES☆TIVE whom is the official ambassador and a special guest appeared and enlivened the venue.

At the finals, 13 teams which won through the fierce battle around Japan as well as the 3 teams whom won the repechage appeared. They performed a high level dance which even real idols may be outshone. And the copy dance team of Toyo University,
Tomboys☆, won.

This UNIDOL is also held in winter. Let's look forward to the student's performance this winter, in Japan where idol culture is becoming popular.

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