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YOSHIKI "We Are X" Special Interview
Composition and text: Jenni

special features

-- I believe there are people in younger generation and overseas audience who are not completely familiar with X Japan and the band's history, who discovered X Japan through the movie. What kind of feedback have you received from the audiences?

YOSHIKI: The strongest feedback we got was from somebody who was trying to commit suicide, but decided not to after watching the film. I was just talking with the director in London of this message we got. This film saved a person's life. Also people have said that now they want to have a more meaningful life. It's the same thing - you have got to seize the day. Even though the film has a lot of sad moments and crazy moments, towards the end, the film can give you courage to move forward.

-- Since so many people are discovering X Japan for the first time through this documentary, do you think this is the start for X Japan's new era?

YOSHIKI: It could be. We didn't really think that way, since the film was not made to promote X Japan. We wanted to move forward somehow, so we had to do this project. And like I said, the film could save people's lives. But now, some people are saying that because of the film, they became fans of X Japan. That is kind of like extra for us. (laugh) It's cool.

-- You have already achieved Madison Square Garden, Carnegy Hall and Wembley Arena. What is your next goal?

YOSHIKI: Well, I mean, we just did Madison Square Garden once, I did Carnegy Hall for two nights, and Wembley Arena for one night. It's just dots. I want to connect them, keep doing it. Keeping on doing it is important. Like when we did Tokyo Dome for the first time, we just opened the door. We kept doing it, and so far we've played there 18 times. So, I jut want to keep on doing it.

-- A strong message in your documentary was "hope" and "nothing is impossible". Is there anything you would like to say to fans that have grown up with your music, and also new fans that have just discovered X Japan?

YOSHIKI: First of all I need to thank all of the fans, since the film was made thanks to your support. "X" means infinite possibilities, so saying "We are X" is like saying "We can do anything, we can conquer anything". So yes, all together it means "nothing is impossible". I mean, think about it, after members' death, after brainwashing and everything, we are still here. We are still moving forward. If we think we can do it, we can do it. Nothing is impossible.

-- Last, seeing the film, I couldn't help but wonder: Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

YOSHIKI: Yes. I think it's pretty much so. The death of my father, also the death of hide and the death of TAIJI, it was too sad to think so. But, you could still say that everything happens for a reason.

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