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YOSHIKI "We Are X" Special Interview
Composition and text: Jenni

special features

-- In the documentary you were speaking mostly English. Do you feel it's easier to express your feelings in English, or did you want to make sure that your feelings don't get lost in translation?

YOSHIKI: I've been living in America for 20 years or more, and for some reason talking about death and my father's suicide was easier for me in English. After hide's death, I was actually seeing a psychiatrist in America, because I was completely lost. At that time I was speaking in English, of course. So, it didn't feel like I was doing an interview. It was almost like I was seeing a doctor. Also the director, Steven, is American, so he naturally asked questions in English. Some members used a translator, but it's better not to use one if you don't have to.

-- What scene do you like the most about the film?

YOSHIKI: It's so hard to choose. (laugh) One funny scene is the one where me and ToshI are walking to the place called Palladium, talking about when somebody asked us if we have X (exstacy), and we said "We are X".

-- What scene was the hardest to make, or is the hardest to watch?

YOSHIKI: The one with ToshI talking about brainwashing, and the scenes from when he was brainwashed. And also hide's funeral. It's very hard to watch.

-- In the film you said, "Pain doesn't grow old". Do you think that openly sharing the pain is what makes the bond between you and the fans so strong?

YOSHIKI: I think everybody has pain. I didn't know how to deal with that pain, so I decided to co-exist with it, since it's not going to go away. After I decided to co-exist with it, I kind of feel better, and somehow our fans can relate to that kind of feeling as well. It might not be the right way, or it might not feel true to some people, but somehow we are sharing our pain together, our dream together. It's not just a relationship between a fan and an artist. We have a special kind of bond between the fans and X Japan, and it also goes vice versa. The fans are really helping us as well. We have such a beautiful relationship between the fans and X Japan.

-- You also asked, "What kind of family have I created?". What kind of family do you feel you are creating now, or what kind of family would you like to create?

YOSHIKI: Such a hard question. (Silence) I still don't know, but when PATA was in ICU almost a year ago, I said that I don't want to lose the family members of the family I have right now. Back when we created the X family, we were just moving forward. It's still the same, but we are trying to be careful now to not lose any more family members.

-- The film "We Are X" has won many prizes and has been invited to film festivals all over the world. Was it all according to your plan or did the attention and positive feedback surprise you?

YOSHIKI: Last year I spent almost the whole year attending film festivals. It was not planned or anything. (laugh) It just happened. We got very positive feedback from everywhere, all over the world. It was an accident, but it was a cool accident.

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