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X JAPAN @ 2017/03/04 at Wembley Arena, London
Composition and text: *** / Translation: Jenni

special features

The release of the movie filled SNS with comments about the movie. "I thought I could die anytime now, but now I have strength to live", "To be honest, I didn't think all my worries would be washed away like this" - the comments posted on SNS did not sound like feedback for a movie. But what was even more interesting were the comments by people who weren't that familiar with X JAPAN before seeing the movie. "I didn't even know the names of the members, but the movie made me want to know more", "I hadn't heard X JAPAN's songs before, but this gave me the chance to do so".

The road X JAPAN has walked through, and the road YOSHIKI has lived through is a story of life that will leave an impact to you even if you weren't a fan of theirs. The members have been saying that you will notice something new everytime you watch the movie, and even though it has been only a few days since it was released in Japan, there are already many people who have went to see it twice. The movie has now been released in United States of America, Hong Kong, England and Japan, and it's planned to be released in Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea and Europe.

The soundtrack of the movie is also taking over the world. Despite it being a soundtrack for a movie, the release has ranked in to Top-10 charts on iTunes in 17 countries (Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macao, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Finland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden and Mexico), and as number 1 in 9 of them (Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macao, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Finland).

On the day before the Wembley show, X JAPAN held a singing event at HMV in London to celebrate the soundtrack release. Over 500 fans attended the event, and the CD was sold out immediately. The venue was filled with panic for a moment, as local fans tried to get even a glimpse of the members of X JAPAN.

The documentary has been broadcast at 22 movie festivals around the world, and they are still receiving more offers. The X JAPAN hurricane has just begun.

X JAPAN LIVE 2017 at the WEMBLEY Arena in LONDON
March 4th, 2017 SSE Arena WEMBLEY

5 Beneath The Skin
6 PATA solo
7 HEATH solo
9 SUGIZO vin solo
10 La Venus
11 Say Anything
12 Born To Be Free
13 Kurenai

14 YOSHIKI Piano solo
15 YOSHIKI Drum solo
16 Without You
17 I.V.
18 X

19 Bohemian Rhapsody
20 Space Oddity
22 Violin´Ż×Piano

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