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X JAPAN @ 2017/03/04 at Wembley Arena, London
Composition and text: *** / Translation: Jenni

special features

One year from the originally planned date, X JAPAN finally stood on the stage of legendary Wembley Arena.

Starting with "RUSTY NAIL", they performed their most famous songs such as "HERO", "JADE", "Born To Be Free", "X" and "ENDLESS RAIN". Besodes that, YOSHIKI played some of the most famous English hits on piano, like Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and David Bowie's "Space Oddity". They also played a new song "KISS THE SKY", which will be completed with the voices of the fans recorded that day. They also played "Beneath The Skin", that hasn't been recorded yet, and the theme song for movie "WE ARE X"; "La Venus". The set list was total of 23 songs long, and the fans that had been waiting for them for a year, enjoyed themselves to fullest.

They had transported the KAWAI Crystal Piano that YOSHIKI used at Kohaku Utagassen in the end of last year from Japan to London for the show. This was the first time ever for the piano to be used at a concert. That shows how important this show is for them - and it wasn't an easy road for them to get to this stage. Last year PATA suddenly fell ill, and it wasn't sure if they would be able to even continue as a band. But they survived, and stood on the stage of Wembley stonger than before. Madison Square Garden in 2014, YOSHIKI's solo concert at Carnegie Hall, and now, Wembley Arena. X JAPAN has now stood on the stages of all 3 legendary venues. The band also showed a special version of their documentary movie "WE ARE X" before the show. The movie was released in England on March 2nd, and in the band's home country Japan on March 3rd.

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