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"VISUAL JAPAN SUMMIT 2016 Powered by Rakuten" Press Conference
Composition and text: kanako / English: Jenni
Photo: kanako

special features

-- What is the difference with other festivals?

YOSHIKI: The difference with other festivals is that we want to "reach overseas". I don't think there are any festivals where the purpose is to reach overseas with the festival itself, is there? There are so many new generation bands in the visual-kei scene, and we want to make those bands more known. We are in a way "sending a challenge", and there are many meanings to that. And, the festival is completely limited to the genre of visual-kei, so it's easy to understand. I even asked, "Is GLAY visual-kei? Or not?", right? (laugh)

TAKURO: We are visual-kei. (laugh) We debuted from YOSHIKI's label, and we have been following YOSHIKI's lead for the whole time. YOSHIKI said; "When visual-kei bands go overseas, they are just dots. There are no ties between, and you feel lonely when you get oppressed by other music genres." So, maybe if we create ties between the bands through this festival and bring the powers of everyone who have been going overseas into one, we will get something more powerful, and we will be able to blow more energy into it. This will be the chance to do that, and I'm expecting there to be a big effect overseas with this festival. I will be looking forward to welcome the first time of this festival with these feelings.

-- How did the appearance of LUNA SEA and GLAY in this festival get decided?

SUGIZO: I got the chance to give ideas to this festival from when it was just a project in planning, and I thought it would be weird not to participate as LUNA SEA. I thought that with this we could raise a monument to this scene we have been building up since the 90's, and that's why we decided to participate.

TAKURO: GLAY is originally a band that debuted produced by YOSHIKI. When I went to see Lollapalooza in 2010 when X JAPAN performed there, I got the chance to go drinking with SUGIZO and YOSHIKI. I don't think YOSHIKI remembers, but we talked about this event back then. Being able to perform with X JAPAN has always been my goal, and I have always admired the big dreams and glamorous plans inside YOSHIKI's head. I'm excited that this is finally happening, and I'm very glad to be able to perform together with them.

-- Will "Extasy Summit" which hasn't happened since 1992, make a comeback?

TAKURO: Will the "Extasy Summit" that we have admired do a comeback?

YOSHIKI: Yes. The first day of the 3 days is the day of Extasy Summit.

TAKURO: Is GLAY included to the performers of Extasy Summit?

YOSHIKI: X JAPAN, LUNA SEA and GLAY are included to the performers of the 14th!

TAKURO: On the day of "Extasy Summit" back in 1992, GLAY had a live. It was a period where the amount of our fans had been steadily increasing, but since "Extasy Summit" was held on that same day, we had only 7 people in the audience. It was the first live after JIRO joined, but the fans who had been supporting us all went to "Extasy Summit", so I have bitter memories of that... To think that we get a chance to take a revenge on that like this... (laugh)

YOSHIKI: Seems like we disturbed you. (laugh)

SUGIZO: "Extasy Summit" is a big event for our career also. When you really think about it, it actually started from Rokumeikan, right?

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