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YOSHIKI - "We Are X" at Shanghai International Film Festival
Composition and text: Jenni

special features

YOSHIKI's journey around the world with documentary movie "We Are X" continues, as the invitations from movie festivals around the world don't seem to end. Last weekend YOSHIKI visited Shanghai International Film Festival, which was held from June 11th to June 19th.

YOSHIKI arrived to Shanghai in the early hours of 18th, and was greeted by a large amount of fans at the airport. The screening for the movie was held from 18:30 on the same day at a hall with capacity of 1,200 people. The amount of fans who arrived to the venue was way more than that, and YOSHIKI, who was answering questions, at times couldn't hear the questions due to the passionate screams of the numerous fans at the venue. YOSHIKI also walked down the red carpet at the film festival, making a deep impression to the people of Shanghai.

The next stop for YOSHIKI will be Guanajuato International Movie Festival in Mexico. "We Are X" is the only movie from among over 4,000 applicants from 125 different countries to be screened at the main part of the festival; the outdoors national monument, which can fit 3,000 people. Guanajuato International Movie Festival is the most powerful film festival in the Latin America, and the festival is expecting over 100,000 visitors in total.

But first, let's take a look at pictures from YOSHIKI's visit to Shanghai International Film Festival!

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