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ViViD LIVE TOUR 2015 THE BEGINNING of THE END 2015/02/22 @ Shibuya Public Hall
Composition and text: Jenni

special features

After "Distance of mind" they played "NEUTRAL", which was played in a live for the first time this day. The rhythmical sound of the song, which made the audience excited in few seconds, turned the stage back to ViViD-like atmosphere. After the song Shin talked of his feelings towards the tour by saying "We will go through this tour like the first time we ever went on a tour, with full power." After this he continued; "We will send you a song perfect for this moment." With his words they started playing "EVER". An atmosphere that can't be described with words filled the venue.

ViViD kept playing rock songs until the end of the main part of the live. Before they startd playing "From the beginning", Shin introduced the song; "Our last song will start today. As for the live on April 29th, until the actual day comes, I don't know what kind of live it will become, or what I can say on that day. But what I know is that you all have kept on supporting us. Those feelings can only be returned by sound and lyrics. The next song is a song I wrote while thinking of that." After these words, he continued. "Even if everyone will go on different ways, I believe there is something bright waiting there."

After his words, the last song for the main part, "From the beginning" started. The song is from the double-sided single just released this January. I can only wonder what was going through the minds of the fans who kept looking at the members playing, silently, wiping off their tears. As the first song of the encore they played the second song on the double-sided single, "Thank you for all", conveying their feelings to the fans.

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