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ViViD LIVE TOUR 2015 THE BEGINNING of THE END 2015/02/22 @ Shibuya Public Hall
Composition and text: Jenni

special features

"ViViD LIVE TOUR 2015 THE BIGINNING of THE END" started on February 22nd 2015. After the performance at Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO, only the live at Pacifico Yokohama Kokuritsu Dai-Hall on April 29th is left of the 14-concert long tour. This time we will bring you a report of the first day of the tour, a live held on February 22nd at Shibuya Public Hall.

The live today is going to be different from usual - you could feel it the moment the first song started. The first song of the day "Dear", and "Take-off", which started with words "This is the song of the beginning of you and us!", were 2 single releases released right after ViViD was formed. The member's sound echoed strongly all around the hall. After songs from their indie days, they performed "THEATER". You could feel the growth of the band from the songs and the order they were played, and from this specific song you could feel the charm of ViViD as a rock band from the English lyrics sung by Shin and the heart-piercing play of the members on instruments.

"I want to convey the feelings I put into this song to every single person here." - With Shin's words the noted of "カケラ / kakera" hit the air and the atmosphere in the venue changed completely. Up until this song there was nothing that would make you even think of their disbandment to come in the songs played. But during "カケラ / kakera", the memories and current feelings of each member could be felt from the sound echoing in the air.

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