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the GazettE 13th Anniversary [13 -T H I R T E E N-] 2015/3/10 NIPPON BUDOKAN
Composition and text: kanako / Trans. Jenni

special features

After "TOMORROW NEVER DIES" they chose very the Gazette-like songs, such as "関東土下座組合 / kantou dogeza kumiai" and "LINDA~candydive pinky heaven~". Just when everyone thought that they had ended the encore with "未成年 / miseinen", they came back for a double-encore, expressing their everyday gratitude to the fans supporting them by playing their new song. To this surprise, the 12,000 fans let out cheers louder than any of their other cheers that day.

However, the GazettE's surprise didn't end with this. After the live they announced the start of "PROJECT : DARK AGE". The project with "THE BEGINNING OF OMINOUS YEAR" as main concept will be revolving around the first part of their project, a new album titled "DOGMA" (2015 August release), consisting of various activities. At the moment they have announced the second part of the project, "LIVE TOUR 15「DOGMATIC」-UN-", and the fourth part, "LIVE TOUR 15-16「DOGMATIC」-DUE-". More project contents will be announced in the near future, so make sure not to miss it.

「PROJECT : DARK AGE」 Special Site


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