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Hanamizakura Kouki's second time debut! A rally is held at the long-established promide store!
Composition and text: Trans: K.K.

special features

Hanamizakura Kouki who released a debut single "I love Tokyo" today, celebrated an anniversary of the product release event and a rally with the fans on February 17th in Asakusa. Kouki ( his name when he is in the band) who is the vocal of the visual band D=OUT, was named "Hanamizakura Kouki" by Kiryuin Sho of Golden Bomber for his solo activity, and welcomed the day of his dearest wish for the solo debut as a mood song singer.

And for this rally "I love Tokyo" anniversary of the product release, 30 people from the fan club were chosen by a lot. After paying visit to a shrine and praying for the hit of the debut single, a rally was held at Maruberudo, an old established store of promides.
Here peopled can tour the site of the promides, and a Karaoke show was held, and everyone was given a gift of a promide which was photographed at the spot. And for the fans whom have brought supporting goods were given a chance to take a photograph of two-shot intax. It was an event full of delights for the fans whom have participated, and everyone prayed for the success of the solo activity.

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