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Corpse Corps First Interview
Composition and text: Launce

special features

--- Is there any artist that has influenced you or motivated you to start in music?

yairi: HIDE and YOSHIKI from X-JAPAN.

youka: HELLOWEEN, Megadeth, TESTAMENT, etc.

tatsuki: Kiyoharu from Kuroyume.

ИTO: Tetsuya Komuro.


--- Corpse Corps was just formed in 2013. What are the circumstances that led the formation of the band? Please explain as well how you met the rest of the members.

yairi:  Apart from ИTO, I met them all long time ago, so I don't remember it. I won't say it in detail since that involves the death of a friend.

youka: We met quite a long ago, but let's just say it was the red string of fate♡

tatsuki: When I realized, we were already friends (laughs).
myuuna: The story is that we were originally in different bands doing different music, and yairi invited us four (to form a new band).

ИTO: If only we had met sooner.

--- Please explain us the origin of the name "Corpse Corps".

youka: Corpse's army corps.

yairi: It's the name of group of awkward fools the from the anime 'Blood+'.

myuuna: It was suggested by yairi and Niiyan (youka) wanted it to get chosen so bad.

--- What's the concept of "Corpse Corps"?

yairi: To tell the truth, we're still exploring it but the theme would be "selling pieces of pain." The music is a mixture of a lot of genres. It's as a whole a media mix of things such as apparel and design.

--- In January you had your first sponsored live in Nagoya. You also distributed your music to the visitors. What kind of song was that?

yairi: As for the sound balance, it's an orthodox mix. As for the songs, I want the listeners to listen to them and judge by themselves.

myuuna: As for the guitar, I want it to express -even a little- the real emotions and circumstances of the character of tatsuki's lyrics.

tatsuki: I want you to listen to it and think that it is basically what Corpse Corps' music is like. More than the CD's, we are all about the lives.

youka: Please feel it at our lives.

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