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Corpse Corps First Interview
Composition and text: Launce

special features

"Corpse Corps", formed by the five members, tatsuki (Vo.), youka (Gt.), myuuna (Gt.) tatsuki (Ba.) and ИTO (Dr.). They have just been formed in 2013/09, however they have been continuing their activities energetically by for example holding their first sponsored live "CARNIVAL CORPSE" at HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA last January. Before their sponsor live in May, we at musicJAPANplus had their first interview. With "Nice to meet you" as the concept, we asked them about various things.

--- Please introduce yourselves to the people who don't know 'Corpse Corps' yet.

tatsuki: I'm the vocalist tatsuki. I'm aiming to become a zombie-style boy.

yairi : I'm Yairi. I'm in charge of the bass, chorus, programming and design.

youka: I'm the guitarist, youka. I'm an unflattering, undecorated, mad, end of the century supreme ruler boy.

ИTO: I'm the drummer, ИTO (Ito). I have a very small presence among these members.

myuuna: I'm the guitarist myuuna.

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