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Last update:

"Dear Cafekko", "From AN CAFE" Message project #4 Teruki
Composition and text: kanako / Trans: Jenni

special features

AN CAFE will start their tour "LIVE CAFE TOUR 2014 NYAPPY GO AROUND THE WORLD IV ~kawaii Cafekko AISHITERU~" from 2/21, and they will be touring around the countries of Europe. Before this tour, we at musicJAPANplus gave them topics to answer. They told us their "Ambition for year 2014" and "Message to Cafekko".

This time we will publish the message from Teruki!

Q. Please give a message to Cafekko's participating tin the tour!

Teruki: To make up for the long time we kept you waiting, we will give you the most enjoyable time! We will make you think that "It was good that we waited"!

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