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Composition and text: kanako / Trans: six-three JP

special features

Holding a world tour first time after 6 years, releasing the album "BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY" in 79 countries all over the world - you can surely say that the year 2013 was a world wide year for the GazettE. The curtains for the tour that continued on from the worldwide year 2013 were closed on 1/11 at Yokohama Arena.

Along with the "MALFORMED BOX" sequence, the members took the stage and the venue exploded with ear piercing screams. "Bring it on!" - with RUKI's words the audience had their engines on full-speed from the start, and faced head-on to the band by headbanging. With that Ruki said, "I thought I'd say to get excited! But I see you're already excited. It seems that today we'll be able to see an even more incredible view!". The venue was already filled with enthusiasm.

From there, it was a rush of songs full of overwhelming force. The rhythm group of REITA and KAI gave a heavy, low start for "Karasu", and the stage was lit with a bright, dangerous red glow. For "DEVOURING ONE ANOTHER" there were human eyes displayed on the screen, and they showed the world of the GazettE to the venue with this frightening performance.

After playing rock ballads that get you pulled in to them, such as "REDO" and "LAST HEAVEN", they entered the latter half of the performance. "Let's turn this place into a live house!", continuing from these words came "Kuroku Sunda Sora to Zangai to Katahane" and with force a great amount of smoke was sprayed, and it covered all the seats of the arena.

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