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Jupiter Before European Tour Interview
Composition and text: kanako / Trans: Jenni

special features

--- A question to HIZAKI, TERU, MASASHI and YUKI.. What was your first impression of ZIN? And what is your image of him now?

HIZAKI: Smile with no lies. Now I think of him as a passionate man.

TERU: I thought he had a beautiful face when he laughs and that he's cute. I keep teaching him many kinds of things, so he's like my little brother.

MASASHI: My first impression of him was a young, white, beautiful boy. He was very passionate about singing from the very beginning, and it hasn't changed at all.

YUKI: He is very earnest in every occasion. Even now he is the best vocalist, who is giving up his whole life for singing.

--- A question to ZIN. How did you feel when it was decided that you would start your activities as a member of Jupiter? Also, please tell me your impressions of the members from when you first met them.

ZIN: I felt a lot of things. I was sincerely happy from the bottom of my heart, and I had expectations that with these 5 members we could do great things, and I decided that I have to sing great to make sure that the fans get satisfied. When I first met the members, I felt their aura. Of course on stage too, but in private I felt their aura too.

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