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Japan Expo 2013 - PES - Tanaka Tatsuyuki x Kubooka Toshiyuki x Una Talk Event
Photo: Gettyimages for Toyota

special features

Japan Expo 2013
Toyota x Studio 4C meets ANA

"Japan Expo", held in France, Paris on 5th to 7th July.
At MJP, we will present you in pictures the feelings of this event, to which lots of people participated to and which ended with a great success.

This time we will be featuring the stage greeting and talk event of Kubooka Toshiyuki Director and Tanaka Tatsuyuki Director, who will be in charge of PES's new animation, and Una, who will sing a collaboration song with PES!

Receiving high appreciation at as an animator, he is also working in the game field.
Kubooka Toshiyuki Director, who has gained entusiastic fans with "THE IDOLM@STER", that is damous of it's appealing character design.

Participated as an animator to Ootomo Katsuhiro Director's work "AKIRA" as his first work.
Tanaka Tatsuyuki Director, gaining high appreciation and support in and out of Japan with his unique view of the world drawn with his splendid drawing skills.

We will bring you the talk event of the two and Una!

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