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[comic] Dragonball's 24th Anniversary Refresh

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[comic] Dragonball's 24th Anniversary Refresh

Toriyama Akira

All 24 volumes of Toriyama Akira's 'Dragonball' manga are going to be re-released with a fresh new cover design. It cost more than 150,000,000 yen to re-make the design, and its release will take advantage of the popularity of brand new Dragonball series 'DragonBallKai', a re-release of 'Dragonball Z', which began running in April.

Each volume costs 420 yen.

The original Dragonball, which ran from 1984-1995, started as a serial column in the manga magazine 'Shuukan Shonen Jump', and was a fantasy story inspired by the Chinese folk tale 'Journey to the West'. The main character is a monkey-tailed boy named Goku and his friends facing several diverse villains.

'DragonballZ' ran for more than 55 episode and has been translated into over 40 languages. A film version of the story opened in theaters worldwide in March of this year.